Friday, August 22, 2014

The Cursive Project: Zebra

The final craft for The Cursive Project was a zebra. While we'd made a zebra pinata before, I had no problem making a different zebra craft. A pinata is such an involved task that having a simple zebra in my list of Crafts from A - Z would be good.

We based our zebra on the Footprint Giraffes we made years ago. We traced Trevor's left shoe on white cardstock, then cut out a neck and two rounded ears.

We used a Sharpie to add black stripes, eyes, and a nose. Then it was time to add his mane. We took black yarn and looped it back and forth, then cut through the loops to make a whole bunch of pieces that were all the same size.

We turned the neck piece over and added a strip of adhesive, then pressed the mane pieces in place.

We added adhesive between the ears and added the rest of the mane.

Then we glued each piece to a blue background. Trevor added googly eyes. Here's his finished zebra:

This is my zebra. I didn't cut down the blue cardstock base yet, because I have some plans in mind. Stay tuned!

Now that Trevor has learned how to write all the letters from A to Z in cursive, he's putting it all together and writing a sentence for each of the crafts he made throughout the month. He's enjoyed learning cursive and we've both had fun doing all this crafting together. The Cursive Project has officially been a great success!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Cursive Project: Yawn + Yak

For Letter Y of The Cursive Project, Trevor wanted to make a yak. Like I've mentioned before, I've had his completed list for the whole month, giving me lots of time (in theory) to dream up each craft. Yet, when we reached yak, I was still completely uninspired. I decided to think up a 'yawn' craft and suggest it to Trevor.

With Trevor watching, I cut out the following pieces from tan, yellow, black and red cardstock.

I glued them all together to make this yawning guy. I really like him (although I yawned the whole time I was making it, during the scanning and editing, and while writing this post). 

Trevor was not into making his own version, as he was determined to make a yak. He went through my cardstock scraps, pulled out a bunch of browns, and glued them to a white background. Then he turned it over and drew a yak on the back. He drew a separate head so that he could pop it up. He cut the pieces out and ended up with this cool yak.

Although we used different techniques from each other on other letters, this was the only time during The Cursive Project that we made totally different items for a particular letter. One final letter and we're done!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Cursive Project: Xylophone

There aren't too many crafts that start with X. We've already done an x-ray craft in the past, so we were pretty much limited to a xylophone for Letter X of The Cursive Project. Just like with the ukulele, we have an actual xylophone. For some reason, we store the xylophone (and the rest of our kid musical instruments) in a snake basket.

We decided to make a different style of xylophone from the traditional wooden one we own. We pulled out the mallets, then gathered 6 of the empty Snapple Jelly Belly jars, and some food color.

Trevor filled each of the 6 jars with a different amount of water.

Then he added food color to make a rainbow.

We lined up the jars on several layers of felt. 

They worked ok upright, but they worked even better when we laid them on their side. They had a really cool wooden tone to them. Trevor had a lot of fun composing.

Two more crafts to go before we reach the end of The Cursive Project!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Cursive Project: Watermelon

For Letter W of The Cursive Project, Trevor and I made handprint watermelons. We painted our hands red from fingertips to midway down our palms, added a thin white line, then finished with a band of green. 

We stamped them onto white cardstock and let them dry.

Then we used our pinkies to add black seeds. We matted our papers with red, then added them to white card bases. My hand was too big for the cardstock I'd prepared. I should have made a larger card. Oh well.

Trevor's cards turned out much cuter.

The end is near! On to Letter X!

Monday, August 18, 2014

The Cursive Project: Vampire

For Letter V of The Cursive Project, Trevor and I made vampires. The process was a lot of trial and error, with each of us cutting out shapes and making alterations until we had a cool-looking vampire. Here are the pieces we used:

We assembled the pieces and then used a black Sharpie to add hair, a nose, a mouth, and fangs.

We attached our vampires to white card bases and folded up the capes. At that point, I added feet because it looked weird without them. Trevor disagreed and his vampire remains footless.

I suggested that we add a 'Happy Halloween' message that is visible when you open the cape. Trevor was adamant that this was a terrible idea, as it was still months until October 31. He zoomed off to look through my collection of stamps. Here's how Trevor's card looks with the cape closed:

When you open the card, you can see the message.

Not the most traditional birthday image, but fun none-the-less. 

Here's my vampire birthday card:

One of my cousin's kids was born on Halloween; we could save these to send to him. Or, we could randomly send them to someone with an August or September birthday, leaving him/her wondering why on earth we're sending a vampire card. Hmmm... which to choose? If you know me at all, you should have no difficulty guessing which appeals to me more.  :D