Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Bunny Week 2018: Bunny Egg Cup

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It's Day 2 of Bunny Week 2018!

I've been having great fun with Easter Wonders Color Art! The book is full of adorable bunny images, so I used one page to make some egg cups for Easter. It's a really easy project that requires only a few supplies. It's such a fun way to display colored eggs on the table at Easter. (Or for Bunny Week, if you're the sort of family that sets a holiday table for that occasion.)


Bunny Egg Cup



  • Cut the cardboard tube into 1" rings, then paint each piece white. 
  • While the rings are drying, complete the coloring page. 
  • Use the microtip scissors to cut out each bunny image. 
  • Attach a Glue Dot to the dried ring, then press the bunny into place. 
  • Set a dyed egg into each egg cup. 

Coloring Books 725

Monday, March 19, 2018

Bunny Week 2018: #Crepuscular

Welcome to Bunny Week 2018! Bunny Week is an annual tradition at My Creative Life. Each year in March, I dedicate a week of the blog to All Things Rabbit. It's like Shark Week, but fuzzier. I'm starting off Bunny Week 2018 with a layout featuring Trouble, the best rabbit ever. 

#Crepuscular (affiliate link)

Rabbits are not nocturnal, nor are they diurnal. They're crepuscular, which means they are active at dawn and dusk. This is part of what makes them such great pets. They're awake in the mornings when people are up. They sleep during the work hours, then are active again in the early evening when people are home from work or school. Then they sleep the same hours at night that people do.

Trouble is up at the crack of dawn and active until around 9:00 am. Then he settles in for a series of naps. Often, he sleeps at my feet, on my feet, or nearby as I work. He'll change nap locations a few times, but generally dozes until late afternoon. Then he's active until 9:00 pm, when he settles in for the night. 

Bunnies are awesome.

Friday, March 16, 2018

How to Draw a Jukebox

I've been drawing jukeboxes lately. 

Colored Sharpies

They're all quick sketches with a black Sharpie - no planning, no erasing, no changing. 

Black Sharpie, colored pencils, and Stickles

My jukeboxes are far from perfect. They're lopsided and irregular, but I love them.


I've colored in each one with different media. 

Mr. Sketch Markers

You can draw your own jukebox in just a few easy steps! First, draw an arc. Draw a rectangle connecting the two ends of the arc. Your arc can be tall and narrow or short and wide. 

Add a semi-circle just inside the top of the arc. Add a rectangle (or an inverted semi-circle) at the bottom. This will be the speaker. Again, there are no rules about any of this. You're the designer!

Add a rectangle in the middle of the jukebox where the songs are listed. Fill the bottom rectangle with crosshatches. Now add details - a record, musical notes, or whatever else you can dream up.

Finally, add some color! Jukeboxes come in every color you can imagine and often feature neon, sparkle, or other attention-getting shades. Turn on your favorite retro music to inspire your designs! If you draw a jukebox, let me know. I'd love to see your drawings.

Just for fun, I checked my theory that you can buy literally anything on Amazon and, sure enough, there are plenty of jukeboxes to choose from. Awesome! As much as I'd love to have a house big enough with a designated jukebox room, I do not. (I would also like to have a spare $9000, but I don't have that either.) How fun would the desktop CD player jukebox be though? Or the docking station?! So cute!  

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Pumpkin Party Page

This layout, about my sister's family's annual Pumpkin Party in 2016, is probably the least 'me' layout I've made in awhile. Between the photos of different sizes, the tilt to the photos (and one photo not grounded at all), the very Bella Blvd. font with the filled-in letters that bug me, the lack of white/cream, the random yet prominent star, the use of both black and brown ... it just isn't a typical Cindy page. 

Pumpkin Party (affiliate link)

But I like it. It was fun to push my style a little bit and play. 

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Everything's Coming Up Oranges

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It's orange season, the delightful time of year when the tree in our backyard goes nuts and produces oranges faster than we could possibly consume them. We are enjoying fresh-squeezed orange juice and oranges with most meals. It's a good problem to have.

We've also been making Whole Orange Bread. We've made it a bunch of times and it's still the weirdest recipe ever. Well, maybe this one is. They're both weird. But delicious! Anyway... I remembered that my new favorite coloring book, Edible Wonders Color Art book by Leisure Arts had a page with oranges on it. How cute would it be to turn the coloring page into labels for the orange bread that we give away?! (Answer: very cute.)

Coloring Page Gift Label



Color the page with the oranges on it. Use the scissors to cut out the oranges and some leaves (which are actually connected to the pears, but work just fine with the oranges). Glue an orange and a leaf to the strip of cardstock. 

Wrap the cardstock strip around the bread and glue the ends together. Your gift is ready for someone special!