Thursday, November 27, 2014

A 2-Page Problem

I just scanned and uploaded my latest layout, this one about spending the July 4th weekend in Bear Valley. I like how it turned out and how many photos I was able to use without it looking crowded.

However, when I went to put it in the album using my post-it note / scrapping-out-of-order system,  I realized I had a problem. I only had room for a 1 page layout in the designated space, not a 2-pager. My post-it notes rarely fail me. But in this case, I'd dedicated two pages to the trip, then ended up making a 1-pager about our visit to Columbia State Historic Park and this 2-pager, for a total of three pages from the same trip. Oops. Because of the configuration of 1- and 2-pagers already in the album, I couldn't just shift things without splitting a 2-pager, which is unacceptable. My tentative plan is to reduce a planned 2-pager down to a 1-pager, which is not ideal. The alternative is to add a page protector and insert a 1-page unplanned layout into the space. That might be a better choice, as I occasionally have 'everyday' types of layouts that don't need to stay within a strict chronology.

As I'm typing this, I'm thinking about my regular readers. Some of you probably totally understand my frustration and get why I can't split a 2-pager or why I can't put things out of chronological order in the album, even though I scrapped them out of order. Others probably think I'm crazy, inventing a problem where there isn't one. And others are probably thinking smugly, "This is why I never scrap out of order!" I won't call out who I think fits in each of those categories, but feel free to let me know in the comments. :)

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

CD Wreath

Time to share another of my CD crafts! We're gearing up for Christmas around here (the decorations will go up Sunday, the start of Advent) so I made a wreath. 

Materials: old CD, gesso, green paint, green yarn, sequins, ribbon.

Start by putting a coat of gesso on a CD and let that dry. Paint the CD green. Tape one end of the yarn to the back of the CD, then wrap it around and through the center until the CD is covered. Cut off the excess and tape it to the back. 

Use the excess yarn to make a hanger. Glue sequins randomly to the front of the wreath. Add a bow and it's ready to go!

For those who celebrate, when do you decorate for Christmas?

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

From Wolf to Bear

Steve and I missed the Cub Scout ceremony last year where Trevor bridged from Tiger to Wolf because it fell on our anniversary and we'd already booked a non-refundable B&B for the night. Grandma took pictures, which was the next best thing to being there. This year, Steve and I were there to watch Trevor bridge from Wolf to Bear. 

We took a ton of pictures, which I narrowed down to four for this layout. In the top left, Trevor and the rest of his den are dressed in the yellow of the Wolf rank. In the top right, Trevor has removed his Wolf items and is almost halfway across the bridge that signifies advancing in rank. In the bottom left, I'm presenting Trevor with his Bear gear. And in the bottom right, Trevor is dressed as a Bear and standing with the Den 1 flag.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Traffic Light Leaf Craft

Trevor stayed with Grandma and Grandpa while Steve and I had optometry appointments. When we returned, we found Grandma and Trevor crafting with fallen leaves.

They had been in the backyard raking up leaves for Trevor to jump in when he thought of using a red, yellow, and green leaf to make a traffic light. (Go here for a fascinating read about the history of the traffic light.

Trevor announced that I should scan their projects and post instructions on the blog. Yes, sir! Here are the directions, according to Trevor:

Materials: 3 freshly fallen leaves (red, yellow and green), glue, white paper, and a black pen

"First, turn your paper horizontal and decide what color leaf you want glowing. The one that you want glowing you glue right side up. The ones that you don't want glowing you glue upside down. Once you glue down your leaves, draw a vertical rectangle around all of them with the black pen. Draw circles around your red, yellow and green leaves. With the black pen, go horizontal and diagonal down and color in. Put a small horizontal rectangle a little bit under the horizontal bar. Put a bump on the top of the horizontal rectangle and put a down one on the horizontal bar above it. Put circles connecting the two bumps. Do the same on the right-hand side. Sign your name inside the rectangle box that is hanging. Put your favorite one (Drive, Avenue, Road, etc) after your name. You have a finished traffic light and street sign!"

Friday, November 21, 2014

CD Clowns

Ready for another CD craft? Once I started thinking about what to do with old CDs, the ideas kept coming and coming. Today, I'm sharing clowns. 

Materials: old CD, white gesso, paint, googly eyes, pom poms, and ribbon or yarn. 

Begin by putting a coat of gesso on the CD and letting it dry. Go over it with white paint if the coverage isn't complete. Paint a face onto the clown. Anything goes! Glue a pom pom nose over the hole in the center of the CD, then add googly eyes. Finally, add hair. Curling ribbon is a fun option, but you can experiment with raffia, yarn, or any other materials. 

Here's my clown. 

Steve and Trevor each made a clown the next day. This is Trevor's:

This is Steve's:

They're each so different! I can imagine these three clowns working together to come up with a hilarious routine. They each have their own distinct personalities.