As a teacher, parent, and lifelong learner, I know that one of the best ways to learn something new is through experience. Travel is the ultimate experience. Exploring a new place opens our eyes to cultures and ways of life that are different from our own. It exposes us to different climates, unique wildlife, and the natural beauty of our world. Travel shows us that there is more to the world than what we see on a daily basis. 

My goal as a travel blogger is to encourage you to think about travel as an educational experience, not just for kids, but for everyone. Yes, I'm a big fan of museums, historic sites, national parks, and similar places that have obvious opportunities for learning. But there is so much more to educational travel. When you visit somewhere new, challenge yourself to try local dishes or regional specialties. Visit a grocery store to see how it differs from your local store. Stroll along rivers or lakeshores to spot local flora and fauna. Listen to the language, even if it's your own - there are likely differences in accents and word choice. Be open. 

In 2014, Steve and I made a commitment to take Trevor (then 8) to all 50 states before he turned 18. The three of us have had so much fun exploring our amazing, diverse, beautiful country. Click on the flags below to read about our adventures exploring the fifty United States. Each state we have visited has links to our favorite family-friendly museums, historical sites, factory tours, parks, restaurants, hotels, and more! You'll also find recipes, crafts, and science experiments related to each state. 

Below the flags, there is a map of the states we've visited so far in our quest to take Trevor to all fifty states. You can also see the progress of his 50 States Album and find more resources for family-friendly travel. 


The deRosier Family's Travels

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Trevor's 50 State Album


Make your own travel album! It's a convenient way to record your family's travels and makes a great keepsake. It's as simple as buying a postcard at each location, writing a paragraph on an index card, and adding a photo. You could do this for visits to the 50 states like we are doing, for international travel, or even for day trips in your area. There are so many possibilities!



Here are some other posts that might help you. Happy travels! 









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