Trick-or-Treat 2018

Halloween photos might just be my very favorites to scrap. I don't know why. With the limited color palette and same types of photos year after year, you'd think I'd get tired of it. But I don't. Maybe because the different costumes each year keep things feeling fresh.

Halloween 2018 (affiliate link)

Fun fact: The journaling card is actually the reverse of the green paper at the top of the layout. There was a skeleton girl on the right side of the card that I didn't like, so I chopped her off and positioned the photos to disguise the chopping. I fussy-cut the two spiderwebs from another journaling card that was on the bottom half of the green paper. It's rare that I use both sides of the same piece of paper on a layout!


Paint Pouring "Be Creative Every Day"

I've been having so much fun customizing my make-and-takes from Creativation. Look what I did with the paint pouring project from Testors!

I wrapped the canvas with the adorable heart ribbon (LA Ribbons). Then I stamped the sentiment (Gina K Designs Crafty & Creative), colored the brush (Chameleon Marker), fussy cut it, mounted it on pink cardstock, fussy cut that, then popped it up with foam dots. My canvas is now on display in the craft room. 

If you're interested in trying paint pouring, there are quite a few companies in addition to Testors making pouring mediums or ready-to-pour paints. You can also make your own. Last year, I shared a kid-friendly, low-mess paint pouring project. I'm totally inspired to try again!


Scout Fun!

We're coming up on the 2-year anniversary of Trevor bridging to Troop 482. I've made a lot of layouts about the trips Trevor and his fellow Scouts have taken during those two years, but I haven't done much to document the other activities. And as neat as the special trips are, I wanted to be sure to record a few of the ways that Troop 482 makes their regular meetings and short-term events lots of fun too.

Scout Fun! (affiliate link)

It's a simple layout, but I love that photos from things like Chess Night and the patrol cooking challenge are now in the album. I was sure to include in the journaling that Epic Patrol served loaded nachos, with the mystery ingredient (pickles) incorporated into their homemade salsa. I know that years from now, we'll look back at this layout and smile.    


Trouble Mini Album

Remember the make-and-take tag album from the Deflecto booth at Creativation? I added photos and a few other touches. I love it.

Trouble - Mini Album (affiliate link)

All the photos I used were ones I already had printed. There are ten photos on the three tags. I just trimmed them to size and added them to the fronts and backs of the tags. You can see the tags here. I love that rabbit


Beaver Valentine - "I Chews You!"

Continuing with my cute animal + pun theme, here's another idea for a homemade valentine.


Beaver Valentine - "I Chews You!"


  • construction paper (white, red, brown)
  • scissors
  • red pen
  • craft glue
  • black Sharpie
  • treat bag
  • pretzel sticks
  • conversation hearts
  • foam dots


Cut a piece of white construction paper so it is about the same size as your treat bag. Fold it in half to form the base of the treat topper. Write "Valentine, I chews you!" in red pen on a strip of white paper. Mat it on a strip of red paper and then glue that near the top of the folded treat topper. Cut two teeth from the white scraps and set them aside.

Cut a rough semi-circle from brown construction paper to make the beaver's head. Cut a slightly smaller oval for his tail. Use the scraps to cut two ears and nose. 

Use the Sharpie to add two eyes to the beaver's face. Color in the nose and the inner ears. Draw parallel diagonal lines on the the tail, first in one direction, then again so the two sets of lines meet at a 90° angle. 

Fill the treat bags with pretzels and conversation hearts. Staple the treat topper to the filled treat bag. 

Glue the ears behind the head, then glue the head to the front of the treat topper. It should hide the staples. Glue the teeth behind the nose, then use foam dots to attach the nose. Glue the tail to the back of the treat topper. 

A little update on my massive 'organize my animal crafts' endeavor. I am working on the mammals, doing a handful each day. I'm around 80 and counting. As you can imagine, there are quite a few rabbits, but the rest is a fairly balanced mix. Well, other than reindeer and beavers, which are both over-represented. No matter. I'm really enjoying looking back on my animal crafts. Having them all in one place will make things so much easier and is already inspiring me to make the animals that are not well-represented yet.