The Best (and Worst) State Flags

I am a big fan of the two most recently designed state flags, those of Mississippi and Utah. Both are unique and eye-catching, two crucial elements in a successful flag design. I thought it would be fun to share my opinion about all of the state flags.

Let's start by placing the flags into three groups: Top Contenders, Middle of the Road, and Bottom of the Pack. To make it into the top group, the flag has to be identifiable as it is flying, with an attractive design. Unique colors and designs (and in one case, shape) are a major plus. The design should represent the state in some way. If there's text, it should be legible.

Here are my Top Contenders:


This is the middle group. Each of them gets points for being unique and/or recognizable, but falls short in other ways. 


This is the Bottom of the Pack. Most of them are here because they are navy blue with an illegible and busy state seal on them. Alabama and Florida's flags look like international "Do Not Enter" signs. Not exactly the message their tourism bureaus are hoping to send. These flags are terrible. 


Good news though - there is legislation to try to change the state flags of Minnesota, Massachusetts, and Illinois. (And possibly others, but those are the only ones I know about.) Minnesota just released its finalists for the new state flag and there are some great designs. Any of them would be a huge improvement over the current one. 

So... naming the Worst State Flag. It's hard, as it's essentially a 10-way tie. Some of the flags are less awful than the others in this category, but they all need to be changed. If I'm forced to pick the worst of the worst, I'm going with Pennsylvania. Or Virginia. 

As for the Best State Flag, it's not easy either. There are things to like about each of the flags in my top category. These are my runners-up.  

That means that the title of Best State Flag goes to New Mexico. Their flag is simple yet meaningful, well-proportioned, instantly recognizable, and completely different than any other flag. By coincidence, New Mexico is one of my very favorite states

If you'd like to see how other people have ranked the state flags, there are many others who have done so. I'm going to link one of my favorites below. If you don't follow CGP Grey, you should. His videos are always entertaining and informative. 

What's your favorite state flag? What's your least favorite? Do you support redesigns of current state flags or are you among those who think the time and expense aren't worth it? Or perhaps you think flags should not be changed, no matter the reason? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.  

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