More Craft Roundups: Butterflies, Pasta, and Rice

As promised, the next craft roundup I made after the previous batch was butterflies. We have over 100 butterfly craft tutorials at Fun Family Crafts, seven of which are mine. I chose my pretzel monarch butterfly cupcake toppers for the graphic. It's one of three edible crafts I featured, along with two that are wearable, and five that are decorative.

The next roundup I made is Pasta Crafts. None of the featured projects are mine; I've never made a craft from pasta. Well, not never. My mom has a few macaroni treasures from my very young years. But I haven't crafted with pasta since starting the blog. Now that I realized that, I'll be sharing a pasta craft soon.  

Finally, rice crafts for kids. Unlike pasta, I've made a lot of rice crafts... and even more Rice Krispie treat crafts! Five of the featured crafts use plain rice, while the other five are made with Rice Krispies. One of the projects is mine.  

Putting these together is so much fun! Not only do I love making the graphics, but seeing such a wide variety of crafts within a certain topic is very inspiring to me. 


Alabama 2021

We had such a good time visiting Alabama last December

I squeezed in 15 photos and used my finest point journaling pen for this page. We were in Alabama for three days, but we packed a ton into our time there and I wanted to represent it as best I could. I usually default to greens or blues with neutrals for travel pages, but Alabama's state flag inspired the red and white title block and the red background paper. 


State Capital Trivia

If all goes as planned, the deRosiers will be traveling to three new-to-us capital cities this summer and spending time in a fourth we've visited before. As I've been researching, I came across a fascinating bit of trivia about one of them, which lead me down a rabbit hole that resulted in today's post. 

All of the trivia questions below are about state capitals-with-an-A, not capitols-with-an-O. Capital with an A refers to the city (Sacramento is the capital of California). Capitol with an O refers to a building.  (You have to pass through security to go into the Capitol in Sacramento.) To make things a bit more confusing, you need to capitalize Capitol when talking about a specific building (Sacramento's Capitol building) but not when you are talking about a generic capitol building. 

As I said, these questions are all about capitals. I'll do a separate capitol trivia in the future. 

State Capital Trivia 

1. What state capital is the farthest north? south? east? west?

2. What is the most populated capital city?

3. What is the least populated capital city?

4. How many state capitals served as the capital of their territory, colony, or republic before statehood?

5. What is the oldest continuously-running state capital?

6. What was the most recent state to move its capital city?

7. What capital city is first alphabetically? 

8. What capital city is last alphabetically? 

9. What capital city is the largest by land area? 

10. What capital city is the smallest by land area?

11. What capital city is at the highest elevation?

12. What four capital cities start with the same letter as their state?

13. What four capital cities were named for United States presidents?

14. How many states have changed their capital city at least once since statehood?

15. What is the only three word capital city?

1. Juneau, Alaska is the northernmost capital city. Honolulu, Hawaii is the southernmost and westernmost. Augusta, Maine is the easternmost capital city. 

2. Phoenix, Arizona (population 1,660,272) is the most populated capital city. 

3. Montpelier, Vermont (population 7,436) is the least populated capital city. 

4. There are 22 current state capitals that were previously the capital city of their territory, colony, or republic. 

5. Boston, Massachusetts has been a capital city since 1630. Santa Fe, New Mexico became the capital in 1610, but it was briefly interrupted by the Pueblo Revolt. You can have credit for either answer. 

6. On June 12, 1910, the capital of Oklahoma changed from Guthrie to Oklahoma City. 

7. Albany, New York is the first capital city alphabetically. 

8. Trenton, New Jersey is the last capital city alphabetically. 

9. Juneau, Alaska is the largest capital by land area. It covers 2,716 square miles. 

10. Annapolis, Maryland is the smallest capital by land area. It covers less than 7 square miles. 

11. Santa Fe, New Mexico is 7,199 feet above sea level. (Denver is famously mile-high, which puts it third behind Santa Fe and Cheyenne, Wyoming.)

12. Dover, Delaware; Honolulu, Hawaii; Indianapolis, Indiana; and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma are the only four capital cities that start with the same letter as their state. 

13. Jackson, Mississippi; Lincoln, Nebraska; Jefferson City, Missouri; and Madison, Wisconsin were all named after US presidents.

14. Exactly half (25) of the states have changed their state capital at least once after statehood. 

15. Salt Lake City, Utah is the only three word capital city. 

So how did you do? Let me know in the comments! If you enjoyed this quiz, you would probably like my State Flag Trivia. And don't forget - my US Travel page has info about all of the capital cities our family has visited and my recommendations for places to go in each state. You'll also find other fun facts about the United States.


Kitten Tooth Fairy Pillow

When Trevor was a baby, a friend introduced me to the concept of a Tooth Fairy Pillow. Instead of putting a lost tooth under your sleeping pillow, you put your tooth into the little pocket of a stuffed animal, which you set beside your bed. This makes it much easier for the Tooth Fairy to get the tooth without waking the sleeping child. Genius! Affiliate links below. 

Kitten Tooth Fairy Pillow



Use a piece of scratch paper to make a pattern the size and shape you want your kitten to be. Fold a piece of grey felt in half and place the pattern onto the felt so that the bottom of the pattern is along the fold. Cut out the felt. Then cut a semi-circle of white felt for the cat's tummy. 

Thread your needle with two strands of white embroidery floss. Place the white felt directly onto the fold line, then open up the grey felt. Pin the white in place if necessary. Use a backstitch to sew the white felt to the grey, leaving the top open so there's space to put a tooth or money. 

Sew the googly eyes in place. Thread four strands of pink floss onto your needle. Use a single stitch to tack the pom pom nose into place, then continue with a backstitch to make the cat's mouth. Add a dot of Fabric Fuse behind each eye and the nose to secure them. 

Thread the needle with a single strand of white floss. Tie a knot in the end, then poke the needle from the back to the front to make a whisker. Snip the floss at the desired length, then repeat. I like three whiskers on each side. 

Flip the cat upside down and put a drop of Fabric Fuse on the knot of each whisker to prevent them from pulling through. Let the glue dry completely before continuing. 

Thread the needle with all six strands of grey embroidery floss. (This is where the embroidery needle makes things easier.) Refold the kitten, then whipstitch around the outside, leaving a small opening for stuffing. Add the fiber fill, pushing it into the ears and distributing it evenly. Sew the opening closed. 

You can use this same idea to create a pillow to hold a gift of jewelry, or as a place to put little notes for someone special. It can also hold a good luck charm. Lots of possibilities!


'Cocktails for a Cause' Layout

Back in September, Steve and I helped support Opportunity House through their awesome Cocktails for a Cause fundraiser. I chose photos from four of the seven restaurants to highlight on this layout. 

I've had those cocktail stickers for decades (literally); I found them while I was searching for bunny stickers and knew they'd be perfect for this page. The black paper has a neat texture, as does the glittery washi. Together, they say evening, but I off-set them with the more casual, daytime polka dot paper to better reflect our experience. I'm happy with this page.