Fun with '11

I wrote this post as a member of the Design Team at Flamingo Scraps and wanted to share it here. 

Every once in a while, the date is pretty cool. Anyone remember the huge number of people who got married on July 7, 2007? There was a giant article in our newspaper about this "luckiest" of dates and how popular 7-7-07 was for weddings. In 2006, I was pregnant, due in June. Because my baby was breech and I had to have a c-section, I was able to choose whether his birthdate would be June 6 or June 7. When I chose June 7, my doctor mentioned how weird it was that NO ONE wanted June 6. It wasn't until I pointed out to her that the date would be 6-6-06 that she understood why no planned c-sections would be happening that day!

On January 11, we had a date made up of nothing but 1's. Even though it was an ordinary Tuesday, I thought the date was special enough to warrant recording what we were doing when the clock said 1:11:11 on 1-11-11. Here's the layout I made:

This got me thinking about other layout possibilities during 2011. We'll have another day with all 1's coming up in November (11/11/11). I've already made a mental note to take a photograph at 11:11:11. Chances are, we'll be at the Veteran's Day Parade. But here are some other possibilities for the next few months:

March '11: In many parts of the US, the police code for Indecent Exposure is 311. Obviously, I'm not going to suggest scrapping (or taking) indecent photos, but it could be fun to use a 311 theme to scrap about crazy things your pets do. I have a friend whose cat loves to jump into the bathtub after she showers. How cute would it be to scrap a photo of the cat peeking out from behind the shower curtain?!

April '11: To reach Information here in the US, you call 411. Scrap photos taken in April that help provide more information about a person, pet, or place. Use a title that incorporates 411 to signify both the topic and the date.

May '11: For traffic or transportation information, you call 511. In May, you could scrap about your car, your commute, public transportation, or other ways of getting around.

I'm sure there are many other creative ways to incorporate the date into layouts. I'd love to hear any suggestions you have!

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