The Case of the Missing Scoutmaster - Mystery Hike Instructions

Troop 482's Scoutmaster, Mr. Hassler, has gone missing! It's up to YOU to determine who among the six pairs of Scouts were the last to see him, what item you will need to rescue him, and where he can be found. Your journey will be long (2.5 miles, by foot) and only the sharpest Scouts will decode all of the clues and successfully find Mr. Hassler before the next troop meeting.

Before leaving home, prepare a day pack. While it's highly unlikely you will need all of the Ten Essentials during a short urban hike, some of them may be useful. Bring a trash bag and gloves for picking up any trash you may see along the way. (A Scout is helpful.) Print the Detective's Notes and a bring a writing implement to mark them off as you eliminate them. You may also wish to print out The Clues. 

This hike starts and ends at Rockville Bible Church, 720 Link Road, Fairfield, CA. As you hike, pay careful attention to the clues and use them to eliminate the Scout pairs, essential items, and Scout locations below until only one is left in each category. Good luck!


Detective's Notes

The last pair of Scouts to see Mr. Hassler: 
  • SPL Hunter and ASPL Trevor
  • Epic PL Robert and APL Mason
  • Crazy 8's PL Rourke and APL Logan
  • Poison Oak PL Ryan and APL Daniel
  • Quartermaster Mason and Historian Connor
  • Chaplain's Aide Jude and Bugler Miles

The location where Mr. Hassler is:

  • Rockville Bible Church (where Troop 482 meets)
  • Moose Lodge (home of our charter organization)
  • Cenarios Pizza (where the Patrol Leaders' Council meets)
  • Rockville Hills Park (a favorite local spot for a hike) 
  • Community United Methodist Church (where Roundtable meetings are held)
  • In-N-Out (a favorite stop for Scouts on outings)

Item that is crucial to rescue Mr. Hassler:
  • pocketknife
  • first aid kit
  • trail food
  • rain gear
  • sunscreen
  • water bottle


The Clues

  1. Proceed to the front parking lot of Rockville Bible Church. Count the number of handicap parking signs in the lot. If it is an even number, eliminate the rain gear. If it is an odd number, eliminate the trail food.
  2. Walk NW along Link Road until you reach a speed limit sign. Add the two digits of the speed limit together, then use the Scout Law to determine which principle falls in that position. If it is Cheerful, eliminate Rockville Hills Park. If it is Obedient, eliminate the Moose Lodge.
  3. Continue walking until you reach the first stop sign. Cross the street twice so that you end up on the SW corner of the intersection. Continue walking on the south side of Link Road until you reach the Dog Waste Station. If the sign shows one person walking a dog, eliminate Hunter and Trevor. If it shows two people walking a dog, eliminate Jude and Miles.
  4. Walk a short distance until you see another Dog Waste Station. Find the sign for The Ranch Owners Association. If annoying others, littering, and playing a musical instrument are all against the rules, eliminate the pocketknife. If littering is the only one of the three that is against the rules, eliminate the first aid kit.
  5. Follow the path in front of you (on the east bank of the creek) until you reach Cordelia Road. Follow the sidewalk to find the sign for Bridgeport Ranch Luxury Apartments. Add the last four digits of the phone number together, then take that sum and add its digits together to get a single digit. If that number is less than 6, eliminate Community United Methodist Church. If it is 6 or higher, eliminate Rockville Bible Church.
  6. Continue walking in the direction of the Leasing Office. Along the way, look for three numbers: the speed limit along this section of the road, the number of the Historic Route, and the street address of Bridgeport Ranch Apartments. Identify which digit appears in only one of the signs. What word is in that position in the Boy Scout Slogan? If it is TURN, eliminate Rourke and Logan. If it is DAILY, eliminate Ryan and Daniel.
  7. Continue along Pittman Road, then cross the street at Redwood Meadows Lane. Count the number of fire hydrants between here and the intersection of Pittman Road and Link Road. If there is just one fire hydrant, eliminate Mason and Connor. If there are two or more fire hydrants, eliminate Robert and Mason.
  8. Turn right to walk along Link Road. Continue until you reach East Meadows Lane. If the street sign is on the SE corner of the intersection, eliminate Community United Methodist Church. If it is on the SW corner of the intersection, eliminate the Moose Lodge.
  9. Continue walking along Link Road until you reach the creek. Cross the street, then walk along the path on the west bank of the creek. As you walk, look across the creek at the exercise equipment. If it is painted a primary color, eliminate the water bottle. If it is a secondary color, eliminate the sunscreen.
  10. Continue along the path until you reach the bridge at Lookout Road. Head west to reach the restaurant with a yellow and green logo. Find the single letter-number combination above the doorway to this restaurant. If it is A2, eliminate In-N-Out. If it is B3, eliminate Cenario's Pizza.
  11. Retrace your steps to the bridge. Cross the bridge, turn left and then walk along the path on the east side of the creek until you reach a sports court. If it is a tennis court, eliminate Community United Methodist Church. If it is a basketball court, eliminate Hunter and Trevor.
  12. Retrace your steps, exiting the path at Dawson Creek Drive. Walk along Dawson Creek Drive, counting the number of courts (cul de sacs) that you pass on your left before reaching Mountain Meadows Drive. If there are 1-2 courts, eliminate the first aid kit. If there are 3 or more, eliminate the rain gear.
  13. Turn left on Mountain Meadows Drive. Walk until you reach the park on your right. If the twisty slide is green, eliminate Cenario's Pizza. If the twisty slide is blue, eliminate Rourke and Logan.
  14. Count the number of picnic tables at the park. Use this number to find the word in the Boy Scout Oath that is in that position. If the word is HONOR, eliminate the first aid kit. If it is AMERICAN, eliminate Mason and Connor.
  15. Continue walking toward Link Road. When you reach the intersection, look back at the sign prohibiting commercial vehicles of a certain weight. If that weight is 0-4 tons, eliminate the Moose Lodge. If it is 5-10 tons, eliminate Rourke and Logan.
Turn left on Link Road and return to Rockville Bible Church. If you've followed all the clues correctly, you can save Mr. Hassler!

The last Scouts to see Mr. Hassler before he went missing were _____________________________.

In order to rescue Mr. Hassler, I need to use the __________________________________________.

Mr. Hassler is located at _____________________________________________________________.

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