Font Fun

In my free time (read: time I should be doing chores or exercising), I've been learning about fonts. I've gone through a few library books, including the outstanding Playing with Type, as well as done a bunch of online research. Along the way, I've found some really cool stuff that I'm very font fond of.

Here's a fascinating animated short about the history of typography:

Next, 18 insanely addictive font games. I really like Kern Type, because this is exactly what I do when I'm adding letter stickers or chipboard pieces to cards, layouts and other projects. Type Connection is pretty cool. The Fontastic Quiz only has 10 questions, so it's hardly a waste of time at all!  

Ever seen a font you love but can't find its name? I've used Identi-Font numerous times to try to identify a mystery font. My success rate is mixed, but considering that there are at least 3 zillion different fonts, it's amazing that it is correct as often as it is.

And finally, a quiz to answer a burning question: What typeface are you?

My results:
Helvetica - Classic and reliable, you're picky about design. Clean and streamlined, you don't get bogged down in detail or decoration. Versatility and simplicity is key, and you're the master of both.
That sounds about right. What typeface are you? I'd love to hear!


  1. I got Times New Roman - Formal and conservative, trust and a good reputation are high on your list of priorities. You're a fan of elegant, sophisticated design - an overall class act.

  2. I got Helvetica as well. Hmmmm. Thanks for the fun post!

  3. I got Brush Script - Relaxed and happy, you're a calming influence to those around you. Quiet and thoughtful, you prefer a traditional approach to design, enjoying all the little imperfections it brings.


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