Friday, November 6, 2015

Marbled Marshmallows

Marbled marshmallows. What do you think?!

After making Pac-Man Marshmallows, you're going to have small amounts of red, pink, blue, orange and yellow Candy Melts left in little bowls. Don't rinse them out! Instead, scrape the remaining bits into a separate bowl. Drag a toothpick or the edge of the spoon through the colors to mix them slightly, but do not stir or drag too much.

Drop a large marshmallow into the bowl. Gently roll it until it is coated on all sides. 

Remove it gently with a spoon, then set it on waxed paper to dry.

I was able to make 5 marbled marshmallows using just the leftovers from Pac-Man. I put one in Trevor's lunchbox yesterday and it was a big hit with his friends.  

I'm definitely going to be doing this again.


  1. I bet Trevor's friends all want a cool marbled marshmallow now, Cindy! You are so resourceful and creative!!!!

  2. They are so fun and colorful. What a fun idea!

  3. the marbled effect! Yum!