Glue-Resist Cursive Name Art

After making the glue-resist spiderweb project, I wanted to try a similar technique to see what would happen.

Materials: watercolor paper, white glue, mists

Use white glue to write your name in cursive on watercolor paper. Do not substitute a lighter weight of paper. You need the heavy watercolor paper for this to work.

Let the glue dry completely (overnight is best). Spray the paper with mists. (I used Tattered Angels Glimmer Mists.) Let the mists dry completely. Gently peel the glue off the paper. Work slowly and carefully. 

Occasionally, the paper will want to tear. Use one hand to hold the paper down around the glue while gently pulling up with the other hand. 

There's a bit of a learning curve to this project. I started with the Y and you can see that it looks much more rough than the rest of my name. You might want to practice with a random squiggle on a scrap of paper before peeling up your name. 


  1. This looks awesome!! LOVING how it turned out!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Very sweet background colours. You could try masking fluid in a pen...it gives you a little more control than the glue.

  3. This would be something fun to
    do with my little one (not in cursive, of
    course!), as he has finally decided
    that writing his name is fun!


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