Craft Foam Gingerbread

A friend bought one of those inexpensive craft foam kits for her daughter's party and ended up with one extra gingerbread shape, but none of the self-adhesive pieces to decorate it. So she asked if I wanted it. Of course! Here's what I made:

Materials: craft foam gingerbread (either from a kit or cut from a piece of brown craft foam), small hole punch, white yarn, small white buttons, white brads

Start by using the small hole punch to create holds around the perimeter of the gingerbread man. Sew the white yarn through the holes, using backstitch. Punch holes for the face and insert brads. Glue buttons onto the gingerbread man's chest. 

The completed gingerbread can go on the tree as an ornament. Or, glue it to the front of an inexpensive, plain gift bag to dress it up.

Just a reminder: Project Penguin starts up on Monday. Trevor has been hard at work designing and preparing all the crafts. Kids of all ages are welcome to play along for a chance to win prizes. Tell a friend! The more, the merrier. 


  1. Soooooooo cute! LOVING the stitching!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Of course you would never say no to anything crafty!!! I love what you did with your gingerbread shape! I especially like how you dressed up the plain bag to make a really cool gift bag, Cindy!


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