New Folk Art Matte Colors by Plaid

My go-to paint for all of my crafts is Folk Art by Plaid. I love the quality, the price, and the huge range of products. I've been using Folk Art for decades, long before I became an ambassador for Plaid. There are 13 different formulas of Folk Art and I've tried them all. The ones I use most often are Acrylic, Multi-Surface, and Extreme Glitter, in that order. Affiliate links here and throughout the post. 

As a Plaid Creator, I occasionally get products from Plaid to try out. I was really excited when a box of 17 of their latest colors of acrylic showed up at my house. Look at all the pretty new colors! 

Doubly lucky me - I received another box of 19 bottles of paint from them the following day! Those weren't newly released shades, but rather a selection of some of their most popular colors. I put all the bottles together when my friends Jennifer and Sheena were over for a craft day. Long story short: Each of us put together a color combination that we loved from the 36 bottles on the table. Steve and Trevor did the same. I photographed each trio. 

Here are the five different combinations each of us made. Can you guess which one (A, B, C, D, or E) is mine? Go ahead and try to guess the others too! I've listed the color names for each combination; those with an asterisk are the newest colors. 

A: Daffodil Yellow, *Deep Viridian, *Blue Odyssey

B: Aqua, Coffee Latte, *Green Whisper


C: Lime Green, *Mango Mambo, *Blue Hyacinth

D: *Watery Blue, *Sand Dollar, *Peach Breeze

E: Aqua, Ultramarine, Bright Pink


Ready for the answers? My color combination is C. Steve is A, Sheena is B, Jennifer is D, and Trevor is E. Let me know in the comments if you guessed correctly!

After everyone made their combinations, I put together my wedding colors. I just love pink, purple, and orange together!

Bright Pink, Lavender, Pure Orange

I made a few combinations to see how the rest of the new colors look with each other and with the classics. It's so interesting to see how different combinations bring out different things from a given shade. Any favorites? 

Medium Gray, *Orchid Wisp, *Gray Frost

*Mango Mambo, *Deep Viridian, Pure Orange

Linen, *Green Whisper, *Hazy Horizon

*Smoke Screen, *Blue Odyssey, *Creamy Coral

*Peach Breeze, *Empress Teal, *Papaya Whip

*Papaya Whip, *Coffee Grounds, *Newport Blue

I'm really excited to have all these fun new shades in my Folk Art collection! If you're a fan of Plaid products, have a blog or a large social media following, and like getting free stuff sent to you (US addresses only), you may be interested in becoming a Plaid Creator. If you apply, be sure to tell them that Cindy deRosier sent you!


  1. Ooooh...such pretty colours!

  2. Ha ha ha. I barely picked out my own combo. My favorite colors change daily. All of the colors were so pretty. It was fun selecting my combo.


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