The Story of Ramen - A Hands-on Experience in San Francisco

How does this bowl of ramen look to you?   

If you said it looks delicious, you are correct. I made that ramen during a super fun cooking class at The Story of Ramen.

Steve was introduced to The Story of Ramen during a team-building activity with his coworkers. He enjoyed it so much that he surprised Trevor and me with a gift certificate so that we could experience it too. It was so much fun! 

When you arrive, you're greeted with gyoza and instructions to fill out the wrapper on your chopsticks. This lets them know the levels of spice and salt that you prefer, along with whether or not you want a soft-boiled egg in your ramen. (Correct answer: Yes.) 


After an introduction, it's time to head to the kitchen! You work in pairs (or in our case, a trio) to first make the dough for the noodles. 


Next comes kneading, rolling, and cutting. The KitchenAid (affiliate link) makes it quick and easy. 

The hot broth went into our bowls, which we adjusted to our desired spice/salt levels. Then we boiled our freshly-made noodles. It only takes 90 seconds. 

We prepped pork belly and added it to our ramen, along with our choice of mushrooms, scallions, bamboo shoots, and soft-boiled eggs. 

We returned to our seats to enjoy the ramen we made. It was very filling, but none of us left a single drop!


We had mochi ice cream for dessert. 

We were the only family group there during our session, but if you have teens I highly recommend The Story of Ramen. It was such a unique way to spend time as a family. It would also be great fun for couples, friend groups, or practically anyone!


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