2000 Piece Custom Puzzle by PuzzleYou

I have a new puzzle and I'm sooo excited! This is my second custom puzzle from PuzzleYou. At 2000 pieces, it's twice as big as the one I made to celebrate visiting all 50 states. The beauty of a custom puzzle is that you can use literally any design you want. I went with a food theme this time, inspired by this scrapbook layout

I love the quality of PuzzleYou puzzles. The pieces are thick and sturdy and they interlock nicely. I'm so excited to dive in and get solving! In case you are wondering... no, there will be no attempts at speed puzzling this time. I'll be sticking to 500 piece puzzles for that. 

Here's a closer look at the image I used for this puzzle. I designed it very intentionally, in hopes of creating a beautiful puzzle with enough color and texture differentiation that it wouldn't be frustratingly difficult. Fingers crossed!

I made the whole thing with PicMonkey's stock photos and collage tool. I created a grid with 25 spaces and black lines separating each, then searched for images of my favorite foods. The foods include: chocolate mousse, pineapple, bread, eggs benedict, raspberry popsicle, rhubarb, pizza with white sauce, popcorn, caprese salad, pasta, a teriyaki rice bowl, waffles, fruity cocktails, chocolate chip cookies, conversation hearts, an ice cream cone (with chocolate chip, mint chip, and chocolate), potstickers, donuts, a cheeseburger, citrus sorbet, cheese fondue, beet salad, hot apple cider, lemon souffle, and cheese. Yum!

I placed the images randomly at first, then rearranged them so they were balanced. I maximized contrast between adjacent spaces. I placed like colors in visual triangles. I separated plates and bowls so that they were scattered evenly. Finally, I zoomed in on each image to minimize large areas of solid color. I loved designing this puzzle!

Custom puzzles make great gifts. Any puzzle fan would love to get a puzzle featuring their favorite photo, a special memory, or a collection of images of their favorite things. Go ahead and make one for yourself as well - you deserve it! The folks from PuzzleYou provided me with this puzzle AND a discount coupon for my readers. To get 15% off everything at PuzzleYou, use the code CindydeRosier15. Hurry though - it's only good until 12/17/2023. Enjoy!

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