Goal Achieved: Visit All 50 States!

We did it! Steve, Trevor, and I met our goal of traveling to all 50 states! 

In 2014 during a Fall Foliage cruise with my family, Steve and I realized that Trevor (then 8) had visited 10 states in addition to our home state of California. We made a commitment that we would take Trevor to all 50 states before he turned 18 in June 2024. Thirty-nine states in ten years sounded challenging, yet doable. Despite canceled trips due to a pandemic and a travel meltdown, we accomplished our goal on July 29, 2023, seven weeks after Trevor's 17th birthday. 

Traveling to every state with my husband and son has been incredible. We have had amazing adventures together, experienced so many new things, and learned so much about our beautiful country. We have so many great memories from our travels. We faced some challenges along the way (the strangest of which was when we were held at the US Detention Center in Detroit) but the positive experiences outnumber the bad 1000-to-1. 

Here's the progress we made year-by-year:

Images via VisitedStatesMap.com and GIF via ezgif.com

Our final state, as you can see in the photo at the top of the page, was North Dakota. That meant that we were able to join the Best for Last Club, which made our accomplishment feel extra special. It's been fun connecting with others in the club and sharing stories about our travels.

A lot of people have asked two specific questions. I've answered each in a dedicated blog post:  

I encourage all of you to travel throughout the United States. Whether or not you make it to all 50, you'll find something special everywhere you go. My US Travel page will help you with links to the blog posts detailing all of our family's travels and recommendations for the best places to go in each state. You can also find tutorials for kid-friendly crafts inspired by each of the 50 states.

Happy travels!

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