My Favorite States

After yesterday's post establishing that California is the best state, I thought you might be interested in hearing about my favorite states. When thinking back on our time in each of the 50 states, there are five that rise to the top for me. Same disclaimers as yesterday. 

My Favorite States

I have to start my list with Hawaii, which is my second favorite state after California. First and foremost, Hawaii is beautiful. I love Hawaii's natural vegetation and its gorgeous beaches, rivers, and waterfalls. I love the volcanos and the trees and the flowers. I love that pineapple is on the menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I love the culture and the language of the Hawaiian people. Hawaii is magical. 

Alaska is magical as well. How can you not love a place with so much natural beauty and open space? You hardly even have to make an effort to see wildlife. Bald eagles are as common as pigeons are in other states. In Alaska, I've seen moose, puffins, bears, and beavers in the wild, as well as many marine mammals. The culture of the native Alaskan people is so rich and interesting, and I absolutely love their art. Alaska is home to 8 of our 63 National Parks, second only to California. Alaska is majestic and so special. 

I'm giving the next spot to Vermont. It is the perfect mix of the things that I love: natural beauty, abundant wildlife, a rich history, good food, and lots of opportunities to learn. I love Vermont's small towns and kind people and the slower pace of life.    

The next spot on my list goes to New Mexico. I didn't expect to love it nearly as much as I did, but New Mexico won me over immediately. New Mexico is unlike anywhere else I've been, and I think that's so much of what I love about it. The unique Puebloan architecture with its blue doors, the ristras hanging along fences and patios, the flavorful food, the pottery, and the deep blue skies... there's nowhere else quite like it. I love the petroglyphs and the impact the native cultures have on every aspect of life. 

The final position in My Top 5 (excluding California) Favorite States goes to Louisiana. When you're in Louisiana, you know you're in Louisiana. You're not going to mistake it for any other place. Even beyond New Orleans, there is a Louisiana-ness that is present everywhere you go. I love that. The swamps, the architecture, the food, the music, the history, the culture, and the vibrancy all make Louisiana a wonderful place to visit. 

It is hard to stop here, as there are so many other states that I love. Oregon and Washington, for example. In a way, both feel like bonus Californias. Feel free to poke around my US Travel page and read about all the things we discovered and loved about each of the other 44 states. And then leave me a comment telling me which states are your favorites!

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  1. I think I’ve only been to about a dozen states. Hands down, Hawaii is my favorite, followed by Alaska, Oregon and Washington. The people in Hawaii and Oklahoma are the best. I haven’t met friendlier people in my travels.


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