An Easy Gift Idea

Need a quick and easy gift?  Add a gift card to an ice cream shop and this would make a great gift for a teacher, coach, neighbor, friend, or just about anyone else!  We live 5 minutes from the Jelly Belly factory, which is AWESOME, so making these is also an excuse to visit.  

Jelly Bellies are widely available now, so you can make these regardless of where you live. You will need: Jelly Bellies (we used the Cold Stone Ice Cream Parlor Mix in the example above, but you could use school or team colors or whatever else you want), plastic wrap, and an ice cream cone.

Get out a very small bowl, line it with plastic wrap, then pour in the Jelly Bellies.

Gather the edges of the plastic wrap and twist.

Shape the "scoop" of Jelly Bellies to look like ice cream, then insert the twisted end into the cone.

I've never done anything with the cones, but you could certainly add lacquer if you wanted. You could also create the cone out of paper. Fun!


  1. What a great idea...and so cuteeeeeeee too!

  2. I really love this idea! It would be great to give as a favor at a child's party too. Thanks for sharing Cindy!


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