Inspiring Others

One of the coolest things about sharing my art projects online is when others tell me that my work inspired them to make their own.  Last week two different friends emailed me to say that they'd made their own version of my Magazine Mosaics project.

Here is my original: 

And here is what my friend Gayle made:

Isn't it stunning?!  I love the colors and the texture.  Check out the texture on that tail fin!  

My friend Sheena turned Magazine Mosaics into an activity for the whole family on Easter.  What a great idea!  I love how they turned out.    

Aren't the eggs (and bunny) fantastic?!  I love how different they all are.  I don't know any of Sheena's extended family, but I imagine their personalities are shining through in these projects.  

If any of the rest of you have been inspired by any of my projects, please let me know!  Send your photos to derosier@gmail.com ... I'd absolutely love to see them! 


  1. I lOVE that fish! Such a great job!
    Thanks for the inspiration for the mosaics. It was a fun project for us to do as a group and most of us were able to do it, despite their age or skill level.

  2. These are all adorable! Just loveeeeee them!

  3. You already know that you inspired me to do the 32 in 32 thing. LOL I think these mosaics are awesome. Everyone did a fabulous job!

  4. Awesome projects and so nice of you to feature "inspired" work!!

    Cheers from Bangalore, India


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