My Latest Articles

As I've mentioned, I joined the team at Scrapjazz.com as a Contributing Writer in January.  My first article (which, coincidentally, was published on my 40th birthday) was called "Using Your Camera's Self-Timer."  

Two more of my articles have now been published.  This one is a tutorial about how to create homemade decorations for a party with a racecar theme.  The article is here: "DIY Decorations for a Racecar Birthday Party."  

My other published article is a tutorial for making a Peek-a-Boo Gift Bag.

There is a two-month gap between when my articles are due and when they are published, so I have actually written a total of 8 articles so far.  Five more will be published soon.  It is really hard not to show off my projects as I've finished them - two months is a long time to wait!


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