Entering a Collection, Year 2

Last summer, I entered a collection in the county fair for the first time. I was very annoyed when the display case I was assigned did not match the published dimensions AT ALL and my carefully-arranged collection did not fit. Trevor had the same problem with his collection. (Go here for details about what we entered and why it didn't fit and here for how we did.)

Sure enough, when the entry guidebook came out, the dimensions listed were the same as the year before. Did this mean that they had cases that actually matched those dimensions, or that they hadn't changed the printed dimensions to match reality like they promised they'd do last year? I had my suspicions that it was the latter, but didn't want to risk cutting a base to the wrong size again. Grrr.

The collection cases were (allegedly) 1' x 3', 2' x 3' and 3' x 3'. Trevor wanted to do a 2' x 3' display of University of California Davis items he'd collected, mostly at Picnic Day. I helped him tape a 2' x 3' rectangle on his bedroom floor and he carefully arranged his items in the space. 

I taped out a 1' x 3' rectangle near the craft table to hold some of my most unique Disneyland souvenirs. 

When we went to set up our displays, guess what? They didn't fit! Sigh. It's a long story involving a few cases that actually were the advertised space but were 'reserved' for others to use, despite us being there at the earliest possible time for first-come-first-served pick of cases. We both ended up making due with the longer and narrower than advertised cases we'd used last year. Grr again.

I wasn't allowed in the kids' area to photograph Trevor's, but I did snap a few photos of how mine turned out. The lighting was terrible and I couldn't back up any farther, but this gives you the idea. Compare it to how I'd planned the display in the picture above. 

I didn't cut my base fabric ahead of time in anticipation of having an unknown size, but that meant I had to cut on the fly without proper space or materials. I covered the rough edges with washi tape.

Here are each of the journaling cards I made. This is about my Dream Fastpass from 2008.

This button is from the Inaugural Voyage of the Nemo version of the submarine ride in 2007.

This is about the Disney name artwork I made.

This is about the gold 50th anniversary Mickey ears that I got for not-yet-born Trevor in 2005.

I'll let you know how both of our collections do in a few weeks.


  1. I'm sorry that the cases weren't the right size again! That makes everything much more difficult. Everything still looks wonderful!

  2. Bummer about the cases -- but glad you were able to make it work! LOVING your collection!!!!!

  3. Bummer about those dimensions! But it gave you an opportunity to think on your feet and work out a creative solution. Hope you both do well!


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