Adventures with Fabric Dyeing

Over the years, I've done a fair amount of tie-dye, usually in buckets in the backyard. I've always dyed t-shirts and things like that, where splatters, uneven color, and other flaws are perfectly fine and add to the design. I've made things I loved and things that I didn't love as much, but it's always been a lot of fun.

Right before going to the Craft and Hobby Association Mega Show, I tackled my first fabric dyeing project where I actually cared about the results looking professional. My CHA 'uniform' consists of dark jeans, a nice top and a short-sleeved layering sweater. My goal was to transform a boring oatmeal-colored sweater that I never wore into something fabulous that I could layer over a black polka dot shirt. 

I bought Rit Kelly Green Liquid Dye and gathered my other materials: my canning kettle, salt, an instant-read thermometer, rubber gloves and a plastic spoon. I followed their instructions for stove-top dyeing to the letter. This includes constant stirring for 30 minutes or more. (Yes, my arm was quite sore the next day!)

I followed the washing instructions carefully, with all fingers and toes crossed that it would look as good dry as it did sloshing around in the dye bath. It did!

Here's a selfie I took in the hotel room at CHA (make-and-takes, samples, and literature in piles on the floor behind me). I love the way the green looks!

I'm totally inspired to tackle more fabric dyeing projects!


  1. I saw in person and can vouch that it does, indeed, look fabulous in person. It's a pretty color that looks good on you!

  2. I saw that sweater and it is beautiful. I have a beige corduroy skirt and a pair of peach colored linen pants that really need to be dyed. I just need to get around to it. You are inspiring me!


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