One Little Word - 2016

This is my sixth year participating in Ali Edwards' One Little Word. My previous words have been Balance (2011), Celebrate (2012), Try (2013), Enjoy (2014) and Relax (2015). Each One Little Word experience has been very positive for me.

I've spent a lot of time thinking about my 2016 word. This year's word is:

As always, I have some plans about how I'll incorporate my OLW will throughout the year. More on my plans for Share later.

Also as always, my new One Little Word does not replace the previous ones. Balance, Celebrate, Try, Enjoy and Relax will be as much a part of 2016 for me as Share. Here is Share with the other tags. I seriously love them.

Have you chosen One Little Word for 2016?  I'd love to hear what it is! 


  1. Cute, but you're going to need more room!
    I tried OLW one year, but I couldn't keep up.
    Ali's style doesn't work for me... it's too clean and "technical" for me...and I started to feel like I was doing "homework" instead of memory keeping!
    DO you ever share your OLW pages? I would love to see them!

    1. I don't make OLW pages - just the tags. And I've never done AE's class. I just pick a word and focus on it throughout the year.

    2. OIC! That sounds like a good plan! But how do you incorporate it into your life then? Is it just a "mindful" thing? Do you do ANYTHING art related w/ it after the fact?

    3. Art-related, usually nothing overt besides the tags. It shows up in subtle ways though...

  2. I love your OLW! Mine is "go" this year! To go along with my continuing weight loss goals! :) I will hopefully be making my project this weekend for it!

  3. That's a great word and that banner is looking good!
    Happy 2016! Hope the new year is an awesome one for you Cindy!

  4. My word is "Follow." As in Follow Through, Follow My Heart (and some other, more personal "follows"). I did take AE's class a few years ago and although I haven't repeated the classwork or taken the class again, I keep some of the concepts in mind throughout the year. I plan on doing some sort of art journaling with my word.


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