Birthstone-Inspired Pendants

I've always loved the concept of birthstones. I don't know why, but something about having an official stone to represents me is really cool. I made these simple, inexpensive faux-birthstone pendants for my friend Courteney and her daughters (my goddaughters, Kylinn and Ellia). 

Kylinn and Ellia are 9 and 6 respectively. This craft is easy enough that they could have done it themselves. For each, you need: a heart-shaped resin jewelry blank, a letter sticker, a rhinestone in the proper color, and Diamond Glaze. Kylinn and Ellia both have July birthdays, so the red rhinestone was perfect to represent the ruby. Courteney's birthday is in November, so I chose a topaz-colored rhinestone.

My letter stickers started out white, so I used a Sharpie to color them black. I stuck them in the blanks and added the rhinestones. 

Then I flooded each pendant with Diamond Glaze. You want enough to form a dome, but not so much that it spills. The Diamond Glaze looks cloudy when wet and dries clear.

When the pendant is dry, attach it to a necklace or bracelet. It also makes a fun keychain and zipper pull. It really couldn't be easier!


  1. How fun!!!!! LOVING these!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. What a wonderful concept and a great gift idea! I love that it is simple to do, too, but has beautiful results. (I always loved the idea of a birthstone, too!)


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