Fall Foliage Cruise

Here is the layout from the cruise portion of our Canada trip in the fall of 2014. It's a bunch of photos in a grid, a decorated title card, and a ton of journaling along the bottom.

Fall Foliage Cruise (affiliate link)

As always, narrowing down the photos was the toughest part. We did so much and saw so many things. These 22 photos don't show even a fraction of what we saw and did, but they represent the trip pretty well. Amongst the photos are examples of the places we went, the landmarks we saw, the activities we did onboard, and the food we ate. My family members each appear in at least one photo. I'm thrilled to have this trip documented and in the album.


  1. Love this! LOVING all the photos and how you added the journaling!

  2. Love that you fit SO MUCH on your two pages, including LOTS of journaling!


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