MunchPak CheatPak and HealthPak

The deRosiers love to try new things, especially if those new things are edible. This is why we enjoy MunchPak so much! With past boxes, we've received fizzy candy from Poland, bacon 'crisps' from Ireland, something yummy called "sour paper" with no other English on the label, and something Asian, ring-shaped, and unidentified that was quite delicious, just to name a few. It is so much fun to try snacks from around the world!

In addition to the three sizes of traditional MunchPaks that have been available for awhile, MunchPak has recently introduced two new options for snack connoisseurs: the HealthPak and the CheatPak. I received a sample of each and am excited to tell you all about them. 

Both the HealthPak and the CheatPak include ten tasty snacks, shipped monthly. Here is what we received (CheatPak on the left and HealthPak on the right):

The HealthPak includes snacks made with only natural ingredients and are free from GMOs. Here's everything that was in our box:

We did our usual method of dividing up all the snacks so that we could each try them all. (The leftovers are portioned out to go into Trevor's lunchbox over the next week.)

While we liked most of the foods, there were two standouts that we all loved. Three actually, since we'd had the Stretch Island Raspberry Fruit Leather before and really liked it. But the two new-to-us snacks that we enjoyed the most were the caramel and sea salt Halfpops (sort of a cross between normal popcorn, Corn Nuts, and kettle corn)... 

... and these bean chips. We will definitely be buying them again.

Overall, the HealthPak was a great way for us to try a variety of healthy snacks that we otherwise wouldn't have even known about.

The CheatPak also includes ten items, half of them labeled Healthy and half labeled Indulgent. Here's what was in our box (Healthy on the left and Indulgent on the right):

At first glance, it seemed like the Healthy items were all duplicates of items in our HealthPak. But only one was actually a duplicate, the Popped Chickpeatos (yum, by the way). The other items were different flavors from the same brands. For example, this package of Beanfields Bean Chips were pico de gallo flavored, compared to the other pack that was BBQ. Both were outstanding. 

Two plates this time. One for savory...

... and one for sweet.

The star of this CheatPak, hands down, was the bag of Cannoli Chips. Oh my gosh. SO. GOOD. They make other flavors, which we WILL be trying. 

If you like snacking (and who doesn't?!), I'd definitely recommend giving MunchPak a try, whether it's the traditional pack or the new HealthPak or CheatPak. They also make a fantastic gift, particularly for college students or others who are away from home. You can purchase boxes on a one-time basis or set up a subscription. You can customize the boxes, or buy the snacks you want individually.

You can save 10% with the code MUNCH10, or $2 with the code SNACKIN. New deals pop up all the time, so keep an eye out. Happy snacking!


  1. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh these all look YUMMY!!!!!!!!!

  2. Ooooh...yum. I love anything with caramel and sea salt. I'm always on the lookout for non-GMO and organic snacks.


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