O Canada!

I love Canada. I've visited many times (most recently when we were detained trying to get back into the US... sigh), but my favorite visit, hands down, was in 2014. We joined my parents, my sister's family, and my brother-in-law's godmother for an epic vacation. We flew to Toronto, spent three nights, took the train to Montreal, spent two nights, and then took the train to Quebec City, where we boarded a cruise ship for a 10-day cruise. 

Trevor created an amazing album documenting the trip as part of his Independent Study (he missed 10 days of school for this trip) and also made a slideshow. Both are treasures, as they capture all the details through Trevor's eyes. I'd been putting off creating a scrapbook layout summarizing the trip for several reasons: it seemed like too big of a trip to summarize, Trevor had already documented it, and I didn't know that I could do the trip justice in one page. I ended up making three double-page layouts. I've already shared one (Autumn Colors) back in May, with promises to make and share the next two "soon." Does six months later count as soon? 

O Canada! (affiliate link)

This page covers the highlights of the train portion of our trip: Toronto, Niagara Falls, and Montreal. It was very difficult to narrow down the photos, but I'd say that any layout that includes 21 photos AND lengthy journaling is a win. I'm happy with it. I'll share the layout of the cruise portion of the trip tomorrow. 


  1. I'm having the same issue w/ my Spain Trip, from 3 years ago, my Chicago trip, from 2 years ago, and my Boston Trip, from September. You did a fabulous job though, but I had no doubt...you always rock these type of layouts!! And yes, 6 months is still "soon"! Off to see Trevor's album!

  2. Wow. It does sound like an epic vacation...nicely documented.

  3. I used to go there every weekend when I lived in NY!! I loved it there!!! This is FABULOUS! LOVING the photos!!!!!!!!!


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