Pet Memorial Heart Box

Several friends have lost beloved pets recently. I designed this memorial heart box to hold a furry family member's ID tags, collar, or other memorabilia after they've passed. Affiliate links below. 

Pet Memorial Heart Box



Paint the wood box and two wood hearts Medium Gray. When the paint is dry, use a fine grit sandpaper (I used 400) to smooth down any lifted grain. Apply a second coat of paint. Paint the inside of the box using the same technique.

Glue the wood hearts to the box to make the ears.

Cut three pieces of floral wire, approximately 5.5" each. Glue them to the base of the heart, with them splayed out to look like whiskers.

Cut out two inner ears and a nose from pink felt. Glue them in place. Line the inside bottom of the box with felt as well.

Add a photo to the box if desired, then fill with mementos.


  1. Oh geez I was looking at Pet Memorial Frames yesterday because I know we are going to have to put Spotty down soon. I don't have items to place in a box but I will definitely be displaying his photo; he is a great dog and he will be missed BIG TIME! This is lovely, Cindy.

  2. What a wonderful idea!! We just got Dandy's ashes back, and it was put in a beautiful box for us, but they also included an impression of his paws with his name on it ... something like this would be perfect for it!


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