Yarn and Pony Bead Christmas Tree Ornament

I had so much fun making this festive Christmas tree ornament! It's really easy to do and, other than the paint drying time, it comes together really quickly. Affiliate links below. 

Yarn and Pony Bead Christmas Tree Ornament



Paint the three largest craft sticks green. Paint the mini craft stick half green and half brown. When the paint is dry, glue the large sticks together to make a tree shape. 

Then glue the small stick to the bottom of the tree so that the brown part becomes the trunk. 

Cut a 16 foot length of green yarn and thread pony beads onto one end. I used 28 beads, but you can add more or fewer if you want a different density of 'ornaments' on your finished tree. You can do the same with the yarn. If you want your tree more or less filled in, adjust the length of the yarn. 

Take the yarn end that does not have the beads near it and tie it tightly around the green portion of the tree trunk. Now wind the yarn around and over the tree until it is mostly filled in and you've reached the string of beads. 

Slide one bead down the yarn so that it rests on the tree. As you continue wrapping, slide beads down one at a time. You may need to unwrap and rewrap the yarn a few times to get an arrangement you like.

Tie the yarn end around the trunk of the tree, with the knot on the back side. Weave the yarn tail into the ornament. Add a hook for hanging, or nestle it between branches on the tree. 

I love my new ornament!


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