Disneyland Park Colouring Book

Spell-check doesn't like the U and neither do I, but today I'm reviewing the Disneyland Park Colouring Book and that's how it's spelled. 
Let me jump ahead and say: I really like this coloring book (I can skip the U when I'm not naming the title). It is fully of really nice illustrations, organized by Land in both Disneyland and California Adventure. It's up-to-date enough to include the Inside Out Emotional Whirlwind and Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, though obviously not the new Toontown that opened three weeks ago. The paper quality is quite good and there's just the right amount of detail. All of the classic characters are featured throughout. 

My only real complaint about this coloring book is that images are printed on both sides. This isn't necessarily a problem if you're working in colored pencil, but markers bleed through and ruin the other design. So before you color with markers, you either need to scan and reprint your pages (legal only for your own use if you've purchased the book) or just accept that you'll only be coloring half the designs in the book. I accept that. 

Here is the first page I colored, done with my ginormous set of Ohuhu markers

I have a lot to learn about shading with alcohol markers, but overall I'm happy with how it turned out. It was really tempting to grab my Prismacolor colored pencils to do the shading and to fill in the tiniest areas, but I wanted to challenge myself to use nothing but the Ohuhus. Next time, I'll be using both. I'm debating what page to do next. Maybe the Dumbo ride. Small World? The teacups? Pirates of the Caribbean? There are so many fun designs!

I don't know if it's an issue with other pages, but I did find some minor mistakes with this one. I didn't notice them until I was coloring them and they don't bother me that much. But if you look carefully, you can see a misplaced pole that goes nowhere on the left, a line on the popcorn card that disappears when it passes behind the wheel, and a wonky post on the right. 

That said, there are some super awesome details as well. They're almost too tiny to see, but if you look at the Matterhorn bobsleds, Goofy is riding the one to the left of the waterfall and Mickey and Minnie are riding the other one. Also, that's a mini Dapper Dan behind the glass cranking the popcorn machine. Did you know that each Land's popcorn cart has a different character there?! I had no idea until I stumbled upon this fabulous blog post about Disneyland's popcorn carts. The next time I'm at Disneyland, I'll be checking all of them out now that I know!

I can't wait to color my next page from the Disneyland Park Colouring Book!

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