Bash Bowl 2024: University of California College Applications

This is the second layout I completed for Game 2 of Bash Bowl 2024. I earned two more points for the Scrappin' Banshees by using stickers and making a page with three photos. It wasn't enough. Twisted Scissors slaughtered us in Game 2 by a score of 551-398. Yikes! 

Despite our massive loss, I am really happy with this page. It shows the three universities Trevor applied to: UC Davis, UC Santa Barbara, and UC Santa Cruz. I used the mascot of each as my photos, then added journaling about his top choices and what he'd be studying at the three schools. 

I made it as a companion page to this layout that features a small sample of the hundreds of university solicitations Trevor received in the mail. I made that page at the beginning of November, not expecting that he would continue getting mountains of mail. It's almost March, well past the deadlines for virtually every university in the United States, yet the mail still comes every day, telling him it's not too late. He has even received quite a few acceptance letters from schools where he didn't apply. It's weird, but I hear from friends that it's not unusual for kids with a high GPA to be aggressively courted by mid-tier public universities and all levels of private universities. 

All that mail has gone into the recycling bin, because Trevor has known for years that he wants to attend a University of California school. Specifically, he has his heart set on the Wildlife, Fish, and Conservation Biology program at Davis. With so many universities begging him to attend their schools, you'd think he has a pretty good chance at admission to UC Davis. But it's far from guaranteed. UC schools are incredibly competitive. 

Trevor's backup school is UC Santa Barbara. It has a strong academic reputation and Trevor feels like he would be happy there. It is slightly less competitive than UC Davis, so his chances there are a little better. If he goes to UCSB, he'll be majoring in Zoology. 

Trevor had planned to only apply to those two schools, but at the last minute he added his third choice, UC Santa Cruz, as a backup to his backup. They have a solid Marine Biology program that interests Trevor. 

I am really happy that I got this page done before the University of California posts admission decisions. My journaling is more authentic since I don't know the outcome. So when will Trevor hear? "As early as mid-March." This is how I feel about Mid-March. At least he doesn't have to wait until late March. Unless he does, since "as early as" implies that it could be much later. Argh!

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