Camping Fluxx - the Perfect Gift for Scouts and Camping Enthusiasts

I am a big fan of Fluxx, the ever-changing card game. In addition to the original, there are a lot of themed versions of Fluxx. My favorite so far is Across America Fluxx, but I'm really excited about the latest addition to the Fluxx family, Camping Fluxx. The folks at Looney Labs sent me an advance copy to review and I'm happy to say that I love it! This post contains affiliate links. 

Just like the many other versions of Fluxx, the winner of Camping Fluxx is the person who has the green Keeper cards that fulfill the pink Goal card. Of course, it's harder than it sounds, since the Goal can change many times during the game! In addition to Keeper and Goal cards, there are three other types of cards: yellow New Rule cards; blue Action cards; and black Creeper cards. 

The Keeper and Goal cards all have a fun camping theme... which makes this game absolutely perfect for Scouts! For example, the "Be Prepared" Goal requires you have the Bug Spray and Rain Gear Keepers. The "I Like 'Em Burned" Goal needs a Campfire and Marshmallows. 

Another reason you should immediately buy Camping Fluxx for all the Scouts in your life? These New Rule cards!

The Camping Bonus awards an extra draw and an extra play to all players who are on a camping trip. And the Scout Bonus give an extra draw to any Scout and two extra draws to an Eagle Scout! My Eagle loves that he and his fellow Eagles are recognized like this. Fun fact: Fluxx's creator, Andy Looney, became an Eagle Scout in 1981!

Creepers are the whammy cards of Fluxx. In Camping Fluxx, there are two: Rain and Mosquitos. Both can put a serious damper on a camping trip and both can prevent you from winning Fluxx.  

Camping Fluxx is great fun and a wonderful addition to the Fluxx family. It'll be coming along on all of our future camping trips!

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