Black History Museums on my Must-Visit List

As we begin Black History Month, I want to repeat something I've said over and over: It is incredibly important that all Americans learn about Black history, the Civil Rights Movement, and the many accomplishments of Black Americans who have made our country a better place. Teach yourselves and teach your children. Books and movies are valuable and can be great tools for learning, but if you can visit the museums and sites where history was made it will be so much more impactful. 

Last year, I wrote about 9 Places to Learn about Black History in the United States. I've been to each of them and highly recommend visiting. Since writing that post, I've visited Little Rock Central High School. You absolutely MUST go. It's such an important place in US history. We were lucky enough to have one of the best guided tours I've ever had, anywhere. Talk about history coming alive! 

I've updated my graphic to 10 important Black history sites. 

There are so many more places to learn about Black history. I'm keeping a running list as I learn of more, in hopes that someday I can visit them all. 

*Both of these museums were closed for the holidays when we visited Alabama and Georgia. It was incredibly disappointing, but we'll be back. 

**I have technically been to Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Park, but only saw the outside. It was closed due to COVID when we visited. I will return someday to see the rest of it. 

Do you know of any other great places to learn about Black history? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Glad you are passionate about Black history. I learn a lot from watching movies.


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