The Literal Translations of States and Cities in the US

I love etymology. (Not to be confused with entomology, which is a fine -ology, just not one that really interests me.) I'm very interested in loanwords, cognates, and doublets, in particular. In other words (ha!), I need to buy this t-shirt so that people who aren't interested in those things can run when they see me coming. 

If you are a fellow Word Nerd, I highly recommend Rebel Without a Clause and Good Grammar is the Life of the Party. I also strongly recommend checking this out: 

The folks at Wordtips have researched the etymology of the names of all 50 states, their capital cities, and other major cities, then created beautiful maps. Looking at them is absolutely fascinating. I wish I'd known I was visiting "Sleepy Ones" or "Wind Gatherer" before visiting Iowa and Alabama. I didn't know Albuquerque meant "White Oak" or that Akron is "Summit." 

If you're anything like me, you'll love these maps. Thanks, Wordtips! This is a treasure.  

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  1. Kansas wasn’t high on my list of places to visit, but now that I know it’s “A Good Place to Dig Potatoes” I might need to change that!


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