Our Future Aggie

It's official. Trevor will be an Aggie!

I'm so excited that he'll be going to my alma mater. I know the campus well and I know all the steps Trevor will need to take before Fall Quarter rolls around. Or do I?

I started college 34 years ago, in 1990. I graduated with my BA in International Relations (and a minor in Education) in 1994, then finished my Multiple Subject Teaching Credential in 1995. Which means it has been 29 years since I was a student there. The differences between my experiences at UCD and Steve's four years later are significant; it's staggering how differently things are done now. I'm from the era of dorm buildings that stayed unlocked 24/7, using card catalogs in the library and then pouring over microfiche or photocopying books or journals, and grades posted by Social Security Number (!) outside the classrooms. We didn't have email, cell phones, or the Internet. I had a computer, but that was unusual. My roommate didn't. She wrote by hand or went to the Computer Lab. We filled out a roommate profile and were matched up by the university; Trevor will use an online roommate portal to find his own roommate. We signed up for classes by standing in long lines at the Rec Center, while Trevor will do his online. I could go on and on, but suffice it to say that my experience in 1990 does nothing to help Trevor prepare for college in 2024. 

UCD held an Admitted Students Webinar recently that Trevor and I attended. It was very helpful and extremely interesting. We both have a much better idea now of what to expect. 

As I mentioned in a previous post, UC Davis had a record high of 115,349 undergraduate applicants for Fall 2024, of which 98,834 (including Trevor) applied for first-year admission. They will enroll 9,600 new undergraduates. During the webinar, they shared a bunch of fascinating facts about the Class of 2028. 
  • There are 132 sets of twins and 4 sets of triplets 
  • 17 admitted students are currently in the armed forces
  • There are 56 tribal affiliations represented
  • There are 325 Eagle Scouts (including Trevor!) and 255 recipients of the Girl Scout Gold Award
  • There are 213 Junior Olympians
  • Eight students hold a total of 12 Guinness World Records
  • Four students are actors on a current Netflix show

I am so excited for Trevor to start this next phase of his life and couldn't be happier that it will be at UCD. Go Aggies!

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  1. Congrats to Trevor! How cool that the whole family will be graduates of the same college!


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