Universal Yums: France and Ukraine

After thoroughly enjoying our snack boxes from Poland and other places around the world, we were eager to receive the next boxes in our Universal Yums subscription. The February box was filled with snacks from France, in addition to the informational card, booklet and sticker set. 

I made some faux pas in the etiquette quiz. I didn't know you must keep both hands on the dining table at all times. I often rest one hand in my lap while eating. I'll be sure not to do that in France! I got a perfect score on the "Could you order at a Paris bakery?" quiz. I know my baked goods. As always, I loved the trivia quiz. Did you know that the French government gives out medals to citizens who have successfully raised several children with dignity? While I think this is an excellent idea, I'm annoyed that you have to have to raise at least 4 children to qualify. (Unless you are a widowed mother whose husband was killed in action - then you can raise just 3 children with dignity.) I take great pride in having successfully raised one child past the qualifying age of 16. Anyone who raises kind, thoughtful, and hardworking children should get a medal. Or at least a well-earned nap once in a while. 

Anyway, French food - what's not to love, right? It did not disappoint. The French shortbread (sablés) were delicious and the popcorn truffles and caramels were to die for. The goat cheese and chili potato chips were great.

The March box is from Ukraine. 

Like the other boxes we've enjoyed so far, this box was filled with delicious treats, a fun booklet with Ukrainian trivia and other information, and a sticker sheet. Unlike the other boxes, this one came from a country at war. Universal Yums has been working with Ukrainian suppliers since 2017 and had starting working on a Ukraine box in January 2022. Following the invasion by Russia the following month, snacks were the last thing on anyone’s mind. The folks at Universal Yums kept in close contact, and when suppliers in some areas were safely able to resume production, work continued on this box. Getting the snacks to the Universal Yums facility was quite a process though! It took 15 days to drive them across the border to Romania, where they were put on a ship. It took 60 days for the containers to reach New Jersey, where they were assembled and mailed out. I’m glad Universal Yums continues to support the businesses and employees who are struggling to get through such a terrible time. 

Our favorite Ukrainian snack was the Trisitron Glazed Sweets. These delicious chocolates have a creamy lemon filling. They were actually developed in after the invasion using ingredients that were readily available. We also really enjoyed the Black Currant Crostata and the Adjika Bread Chips.  

I wonder what country the next Universal Yums box (affiliate link) will feature! I can't wait to find out. 

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