Scrapping Brayden's Adoption Announcement

I had so much fun scrapping Brayden's adoption announcement. I'm so excited that he's officially a deRosier now. This page was inspired by the National Scrapbook Day Shape Layout Challenge

Brayden's Adoption (affiliate link)

For this challenge, we had to pick a number (1, 2, or 3) and a letter (A, B, or C). After making a choice (mine was 2C), we found out what those meant. Anyone who picked the number one would be making a layout with hexagons. Number 2 was hearts and number 3 was triangles. I thought that was that, but no! The letter determined which of three layouts for each shape you needed to scraplift. That's different! I scrolled down and discovered that my inspiration needed to come from this gorgeous page (unfortunately, I don't know who made it): 

My page is quite a bit different than this one, but I'm hoping you can see the inspiration. I have a single photo on a large heart. The heart is cut apart (mine is cut in half instead of in strips) and sprinkled with hearts (instead of flowers and butterflies). I took inspiration from the scallop-edge trim to the right of the photo and moved it to the left on my page. That layout has a 'love' script die-cut in grey; mine has a  'family' script die-cut in grey. I used vellum for all the hearts and put vellum flowers on the ends of the script; this was inspired by the overall vibe of the layout.

This was such a fun challenge to do. It really made me think. I'm pleased with how I adapted a romantic, pastel wedding layout to an orange rabbit adoption layout. (Orange layout, not orange rabbit. Should I hyphenate rabbit-adoption to make it more clear? English is weird.)

Welcome to the family, Brayden! We love you and are so glad to be your forever family. 

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  1. Such a happy layout! LOVE the bright colours and that carrot patterned paper!


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