California is the Best State

Since I have been to all fifty states, I say with confidence that California is the best state. Now it's documented in the scrapbook. 

I used the P-R-O-M Layout Challenge on National Scrapbook Day to help choose the page elements: something starting with the letters P, R, O, and M. The letter P was easy: I used polka dot patterned paper as the background. Then I cut rectangles (R) of cardstock and used them as mats (M) for my photo collage and journaling box. I added the die-cut pieces to make a super simple visual triangle and loved how the layout looked. The beautiful photos of California totally popped. 

That left letter O. I didn't want to add anything more to the page except for journaling - no random oval or octagon, no octopus or ostrich. There are O items in the photo collage (orange poppies and the ocean) but that's not in the spirit of the challenge. I could use orange ink for the journaling, but I wanted to use red to balance the hearts. That's when I realized that I have a red journaling pen by Ooly. Yes! Challenge complete.

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