Friendship Bracelets

Look what I found recently - a whole bunch of friendship bracelets!

In my teens and early twenties, I worked as a camp counselor and then as a rec leader. Between those two jobs in the 1980's and 90's, I made a lot of friendship bracelets. This is a very small sampling of what I made. Since the point of friendship bracelets was to give them away, I didn't keep most of my creations. Among those that I did keep, I wore them on my wrist until they disintegrated, or used them for other purposes, including as lanyards to hold a whistle around my neck. 

It's been a good 20-30 years since I've made a friendship bracelet and I would struggle to remember how to make all of the patterns I used to know. Fortunately for the kids (and camp counselors) of today, there are books with lots of friendship bracelet patterns in them (affiliate link here and below). Plus, it's really easy to find videos online to learn. Back in the pre-Internet dark ages, we had to pass that knowledge from counselor to counselor, or figure it out on our own! They even sell friendship bracelet kits now (affiliate link here and below), which come with a handy board for making them. And check out the expansion packs! In my day, we safety pinned embroidery floss (purchased individually at a fabric store) to our pant leg while we worked in order to get the necessary tension. What a difference!

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