Toga Day

Let's say that, hypothetically speaking, your child comes home from Vacation Bible School with a note that says that he needs an outfit for the upcoming Toga Day, but you can't deal with it because you are driving directly from VBS to Cub Scout Twilight Camp, not that you own any plain sheets anyway. Well, fortunately for you, I have a solution for your oddly-specific problem!

All you need is a plain white adult-sized t-shirt, plus a cord that is a little longer than your child's waist.

Step 1: Have your child put his right arm up through the neck hole.  
Step 2: Now his head goes through the neck hole.
Step 3: His left arm goes through the left sleeve.
Step 4: Tie the cord around his waist.

Finish the look with sandals.

Trevor wears a child small, so Steve's adult medium t-shirt was a perfect fit. A taller child would probably need a large or extra-large adult t-shirt.

By the way, this would make a pretty good Halloween costume for those of us who sometimes have warm weather on October 31. Or (again hypothetically) for anyone who has nearly-constant Halloween parties during the week before Halloween whose mother does not want him to ruin his costume before Halloween night. Just saying.


  1. What an AWESOME idea!!!!!!!!!! I love how it turned out!!!!!

  2. Very clever, but darn, where were you w/ this solution 3 months ago?! Madi had to do the toga thing too and of course we had no white sheets so David had to go and buy a white sheet for this one time use. Luckily he was able to find just 1 white sheet, as opposed to having to buy a whole stet, but it cost us $10! I wish teachers would think about that before making such assignments!

  3. You are a genius!!! This is ADORABLE!!! :)

  4. Looks so real! Wow!

  5. This is so quick and easy! I'm adding your link to a unit study I've created on Beric the Briton by G. A. Henty. What an easy solution for Roman costumes!

  6. I have a question. What do you do with the right sleeve? Thank you!

    1. Just push it in so that it's inside the shirt. The small lump it makes will be hidden under the child’s arm


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