Introducing Brayden

There's someone new in the deRosier house! Meet Brayden. 

We miss Trouble tremendously and have been talking about becoming bunny foster parents. When Contra Costa Rabbit Rescue (CCRR) sent out a message that they needed an urgent foster for Brayden, that was the push we needed. We rushed to get everything ready and welcomed Brayden into our home on Saturday, September 30. 

Brayden's story is one that is all too familiar. He was a gift for someone who was not prepared to keep a bunny. A rabbit, or any live animal, should NEVER be a gift. A rabbit is a 10+ year commitment. A rabbit needs special care and should be treated as a member of the family. Serious thought and preparation should go into adopting a rabbit or other pet. 

The woman who was given Brayden had an international move planned and a bunny was not part of the plan. She kept him as long as she could, then surrendered him to shelter, who in turned called CCRR. I am very thankful that she didn't just dump him. A domestic rabbit will not survive long in the wild. 

It's unclear where the original person got Brayden, but the woman who gave him up said that he was 10 months old. Going off that, we've decided his birthday is November 15, 2022. 

On Friday, Brayden was neutered and received his RHDV vaccine, then we brought him home on Saturday morning. He did some exploring, then went back into the kennel for a nap. He slept solidly until 4:00 pm when he was suddenly ravenous and active. He spent the next few hours eating and playing. I mostly hung out in the x-pen with him. He was comfortable having me there and I even got a little bit of tooth-purring when I petted him!

Each time I left the x-pen, Braden followed me to the door but did not follow me out. I left the door open, but he stayed in the x-pen. 


Sunday was similar. He was active in the morning, slept solidly in the early afternoon, then was really active from 4:00 pm on. 

He did a lot of periscoping, clearly interested in what was beyond the walls of his (open) pen. 


Yesterday morning, it finally happened! Brayden followed me out of the x-pen!

Once he came out, he wasted no time exploring! He hasn't ventured much beyond the carpeted area, but I'm guessing it's only a matter of time. I've moved some of my work downstairs so I can supervise his out-of-cage play time; he's locked in the x-pen when he's napping and when none of us are available to supervise (when we're sleeping). It will take some time for him to learn the house rules (example: please don't eat our baseboards) before he can be out without close supervision. 

As I mentioned, we are fostering Brayden. We've made a 3+ month commitment to taking care of him, giving him the best possible life, and bringing him to adoption events. We don't know how long he'll be with us, but I do know he won't leave our house without going somewhere just as nice. 

Brayden is as sweet as can be. We'll treasure the time we have with him.


  1. Awww! Such a cutie!! He’s landed with the perfect foster family!

  2. Thank you for saving Brayden!


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