Snowman Gift Tags

I love snowmen.  I have a huge collection of snowmen and always make lots of snowman-inspired crafts before Christmas.  This year, I started off my holiday crafting with snowman gift tags. 

Aren't they cute?  Other than a lot of drying time, they are very easy to make.  You'll need: white tags, a hole punch, orange scrap paper, scissors, orange Stickles, gold/red/green pens and matching Stickles, black Enamel Accents, Decorative Snow, Pop Dots, and cording.

1) Start by punching a hole in the tag.  Then color the top third of the tag to make the snowman's hat.  No need to do a good job, as you're just providing a base color for the Stickles. 

2) Paint a layer of Stickles over the ink. 

3) Use the black Enamel Accents to create the snowman's face, being careful not to touch the wet Stickles.  Set the tag aside to dry.

4) In the meantime, cut a triangle nose from the orange scrap paper.  Apply a layer of Stickles and set aside to dry.

5) When the tag and nose are dry to the touch, use a Pop Dot to put the nose in place. 

6) Apply Decorative Snow to the hat.  Set aside until completely dry.

7) Add cording and attach to a gift. All done and super cute!


  1. Goodness Cindy this is sooooo cool! I have never heard of decorative snow or the black enamel stuff. MORE craft stuff I MUST have! LOL I would be curious to know what else the snow can be used for?

  2. Kelly, I've used Decorative Snow mainly for ceramics (adding snow to rooftops, trimming Santa's hat, etc), but it's come in handy for all sorts of other stuff. It's definitely a must-have and a little goes a long way.

    The Enamel Accents is fairly new to me. This was one of the first experiments I did with it!

  3. Goodness! These are super cute! Sure to put a smile on anyone's face! :)

  4. I soooooooo love love love these! :):):):):):):):):):):)

  5. These turned out absolutely adorably Cindy!

  6. love them. I am also a big fan of snowmen :) Such great ideas in this post. I used to have some of that snow stuff, never would have thought to use it this way.

  7. Super cute! I've pinned these!! I am your newest follower. I'd love for you to follow me back =-)


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