I'm sure many of you are familiar with the very popular blog, PostSecret.  Readers mail in their secrets anonymously on a homemade postcard.  The secrets are published weekly on the blog and have been made into books and featured at live events.  (Please be aware that PostSecret is for adults.  Some of the secrets are R-rated.  Here is the link to PostSecret.)

The fantastically-creative Angela Daniels started a PostSecret-inspired project called ScrapSecrets.  She asks readers to submit postcards of their deepest, darkest, and/or most funny scrapbook-related secrets, which she then publishes on her blog.  Check out her ScrapSecrets Archives.  (They're all rated G.)  I'm guessing most scrappers can relate to one or more!

I was inspired to make my own ScrapSecret, which I have decided to share with you.  No longer will this be my shameful secret.  I'm hoping that I can find support out there from others like me who, up until now, have been afraid to admit that:

Whew.  I feel much better getting that off my chest.  Making a postcard with my secret on it was quite therapeutic!  (For the record, I now have a stamp cleaner and scrubber on my wishlist.  So perhaps one day soon, this secret will be in my past.)

Do you have a ScrapSecret of your own?  Or a secret related to crafts in general?  Angela would love to add yours!  Simply email a jpeg of your secret to: angeladanielsdesigns@yahoo.com.  I'm looking forward to reading more ScrapSecrets in the near future!  


  1. Ohhhhhh I love your secret! :):):):):)

  2. Never heard of the postsecret blog. Interesting, though some are depressing. Are you going to send your scrap secret to Angela?

  3. Yes, I sent my secret to Angela. Even though it's no longer secret, it'll be anonymous on her blog.

  4. :0 :0 :0 you don't clean your stamps?! *shaking head* There are worse things! ;) LOL I love your little postcard you made too!! Perfect!!

    Postsecret is very cool - what a great site scrap secret is too! :) And I have what you need when you are ready to get that item on your wishlist! ;) LOL


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