Sympathy Cards

In general, I love making cards.  They come together quickly, I can use up scraps, and I feel no pressure to create something that is archival or will be looked at by future generations.  I happily make dozens of birthday, thank you, and congratulations cards each year.  In fact, I make so many that I frequently give away card sets as gifts.

Sympathy cards are another story.  I don't like making them at all.  I struggle with what to do, wondering what could possibly be comforting to the recipient.  I never make them in advance (because I don't like to make them), which makes it even worse when I actually need a card and have no time to do it.  I haven't bought a birthday or thank you card in years, but 9 times out of 10 I send a purchased sympathy card.

A few months ago, three of my friends lost their mothers the same week.  I quickly made and sent sympathy cards.  One of them contacted me to ask how I made the card.  I decided to wait until life settled down a bit and then do a tutorial for the blog.

Well, life never really settles down, does it?  I finally decided to simply make the time.  Here's the finished card:


Step 1: Cut a white rectangle slightly smaller than your card base.  Stamp three butterflies.  If your images don't come out perfectly (like in my example below), it's fine.  They'll be covered. 

Step 2: Stamp the same butterflies on a separate piece of cardstock and cut them out.  This time the images should be nice, as these are the ones that will show.

Step 3:  Fold each of the cut butterflies along the center.

Step 4: Mat your white cardstock with black and attach to your card base.  Then adhere your butterflies to the top. 

Unfortunately, almost immediately after finishing and photographing this card, I learned that a friend's dad had passed away.  The card went into the mail right away.


  1. Sorry to hear about your friends losses....but you truly made them beautiful cards....:):):)

  2. So sorry to hear about all of the losses this year. Those cards are the ones that will be kept and looked at again and again as time goes by.

  3. So sorry for the passing of your friends' parents. Your cards are beautiful - I always struggle with what to put INSIDE the card.

  4. I find sympathy cards hard to do too, Cindy, but I know the recepient always appreciates them.

    LOVE the simplicity of your card and the way you layered the butterflies. It's perfect. Great tutorial.

  5. Beautiful cards Cindy - so sorry to hear about all the losses your friends are experiencing.


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