Craft Roundups: Aliens, Apples, Dogs, Rocks and More

I've said many times before that my favorite thing about my job as Editor of Fun Family Crafts is creating roundups for holidays or themes. It's getting paid to play with PicMonkey. Here are the latest.


Did you know that July 2 is World UFO Day? Believe it or not, when you run a kids' craft website, that kind of thing is important. I made this roundup of UFO and alien crafts to promote it. Can you spot the one that I made?

Next up, Apple Crafts. One of these is mine from way back when I was teaching Trevor cursive.

The next roundup is Dog Crafts. Two of these are mine. 

'Make Strange Music Day' is in August, so I made a roundup of all of our musical instrument crafts. Most are made with recyclables, including the one that is mine. It shouldn't be too hard to spot, since Trevor is in the picture!

I'd already made a roundup of rock crafts, but we've added so many recently that I updated the graphic. There are now more than 100 on our site! One of the ones below is mine. 

I've had bats on the brain! This roundup of bat crafts and recipes was so much fun to put together. Two of these crafts are mine, both inspired by watching the Bat Flyout

Finally, I did a roundup of crafts, games, and foods that glow in the dark. None of these are mine, but I'm totally inspired to give all of them a try!

As usual, I did all the graphics with PicMonkey. I love PicMonkey. 

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