'Sorry for Your Loss' Cards

I've had to make quite a few sympathy cards recently. They're always a struggle for me, as I'm sure they are for most people. I almost always put butterflies on sympathy cards, as you can see here and here.

For my first card, I used cream and black, a few punches, and a simple sentiment. I like it.

Sympathy Card (affiliate link)

I ended up repeating that design to make an identical card, then used a butterfly stamp set to create the vertical card. 

I hope those are the last sympathy cards I'll need to make for a long, long time. 


  1. They are beautiful despite their theme. Sorry for your recent losses...

  2. Sympathy cards are hard to do. Yours turned out really classy and timeless.

  3. These are beautiful and I know that the receivers will appreciate them!


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