It's no secret how much I love trying new-to-me foods. I particularly like trying foreign foods, which is why I absolutely love when a MunchPak shows up on my doorstep! Here's what came in my latest box:

As tempting as it was to tear everything open and try it immediately, I restrained myself. I restrained Trevor, too. He was SO excited! I can't tell you how awesome it is to have a kid who is an adventurous eater. Steve doesn't have much of a sweet tooth, but he was still interested in trying everything. The three of us opened and split an item or two a day over the course of a week. 

As you can see, our MunchPak contained 12 items, including a mix of sweet and savory snacks, plus a drink. There are three sizes of MunchPaks available: one with 5+ snacks (you can see a review here), one with 10+ snacks (which is what mine is), and one with 20+ snacks. You can get a one-time box, or sign up for a subscription lasting 3, 6, or 12 months. When you order from MunchPak, you can get a random mix like mine, or you can customize your order for an extra fee. I think the random is more fun.

You can also select whether you prefer foreign or American foods. I am all about the foreign foods! I am particularly excited when the packages don't have any English on them and the pictures don't offer any clues either. For example, what would you expect this snack from Poland to taste like?

If you said vanilla frosting, then you are correct! These treats had a shell of crusted frosting, with a softer (but not spreadable) frosting inside. They had a strong vanilla flavor with a tiny bit of tang to them. I have no idea why there is a sailor on the package. 

Here's another Polish treat. There's no English, but there are some clues on the package. If you look carefully, you can see a cola bottle in the bottom right and bubbles coming up from it. The character is holding a fizzing test tube. 

Sure enough, this hard candy tasted just like cola. And it had a surprise fizzy filling inside. Yum!!

The next treat was from Northern Ireland, and thus had English on the package. While I prefer the mystery of "What am I eating?!", it's nice to be able to read the ingredient list. These tasty smoky bacon 'crisps' had a delicate meaty flavor... but they were vegetarian. I would have sworn they had meat in them. 

In addition to Poland and Northern Ireland, our MunchPak had snacks from Spain, the Netherlands, China, Japan, England, and Slovakia. We had great fun snacking our way around the globe and can't wait for our next MunchPak to arrive!

MunchPak makes a great gift for anyone who would love a care package showing up in the mail. I think it'd be especially good for college students or loved ones in the military. Or pretty much anyone else.


  1. I'm a foodie so this intrigues me...very much! I have had snack boxes sent to me from 2 different companies and was very happy w/ both but don't eat enough to get through the snacks fast enough (and I don't share food, LOL) so I don't have a subscription to either; I just order when I feel like I want another box. I have tried both "random" and "customized" and see pros/cons for both... Oh and both are "American" foods so though new-to-me, IDK about being adventurous... This however sounds like a lot of fun... I will DEFINTELY be checking it out! Thanks for the review!

  2. These sound awesome! We have a Polish restaurant/deli here that has different treats and snacks in it! I will have to see if they have those two there next time I go!!!!

  3. Oooohhhh...how fun to get a random mix in the mail!


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