Craft Roundups

Time to share another batch of craft roundups!

First up, a roundup of Pizza Crafts and Recipes. Two of these are mine, both from Trevor's pizza-themed birthday party.

I don't think I've ever crafted with denim, but there are some really good ideas in this denim roundup.

This candy corn round-up was so much fun to make. The collages come together so quickly when the color scheme is obvious.

I had a lot of skeleton and skull projects to choose from for this round-up. Two of them are mine. 

Next, witch-themed crafts. We have over 50 on Fun Family Crafts. One is mine and it's in the collage. 

The Frankenstein crafts were really fun. (Yes, I know that technically these are Frankenstein's monster.) One of them is mine.

Dracula crafts and recipes! One of them is mine. I'd forgotten about it. Rediscovering older projects, both mine and other people's, is another thing I love about doing these round-ups.

I'm a huge fan, so putting together a round-up of Muppets crafts and recipes was great fun! None are mine. 

I was proud of myself for thinking to turn the title of this Airplane round-up into an airplane banner. Skywriting would have been cool too.

How adorable are these Sesame Street crafts?! None are mine. I did make an awesome Cookie Monster cake once, but I didn't write it up as a tutorial so it's not on Fun Family Crafts. 

As always, I made these round-ups using PicMonkey. It is really easy with almost no learning curve. They are adding new fonts, design elements, and themes all the time. I don't know what I'd do without it!


  1. These look fabulous! I really love the Sesame Street ones....soooo cute!

  2. Love love love loveeeeeeeeeeeeee these!!!!!!! Pizza and Elmo ... two of my favorite things!!!!!!!! :)

  3. As a fellow Muppets fan, I think we need to remedy the lack of a Cindy tutorial. :)

  4. I love all of the round-ups you featured here. They are all so creative and fun!


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