Travel-Friendly Paper Plate Game

If you'll be doing any travel this holiday season, I have just the thing for you! I made a game from a paper plate and some pom poms that is perfect for car or airplane travel.

Each morning, I drive Trevor and a friend part of the way to their middle school. (We walk the remaining 1.5 miles.) They're only in the car for five minutes, but they often bring a game along and get a few rounds in before I park the car. As I watched them gather up supplies one morning for a not-so-car-friendly game, I decided to come up with something that is more portable. It's a really simple game, suitable for very young children, but they like it. 

I made the game while Trevor was at his book club. While I do the vast majority of my crafting at home, I bet the library is #2 for me!


Travel-Friendly Paper Plate Game


  • paper plate with corrugated edges
  • 8 pom poms (each a different color)
  • black drawstring bag
  • markers
  • 2 mini clothespins


Use the markers to color in the corrugated sections of the paper plate, leaving two adjacent spaces blank. The colors should be random rather than in a pattern. Label one of the blank sections START and the other FINISH. Add the instructions for the black and white pom poms in the center. Color one of the clothespins brown. 

Here is a closer look:

To play, put the pom poms into the bag and clip both clothespins to the START area. The first player draws a pom pom, moves clockwise to the first space that is that color, and returns the pom pom to the bag.

The second player does the same: draw a pom pom, move to that color, and return the pom pom to the bag. 

If you draw a white pom pom, you immediately draw again. In this case, Player 1 drew orange. He moves ahead two orange spaces, then returns both pom poms to the bag.

Beware! If you draw black, you lose your turn. If you draw a white and then the black, you lose two turns, since the white doubles whatever follows it. The winner is the first person to land on final colored space (in this case, blue). 

Now make your own game! Follow my instructions or change up the rules and be creative!


  1. Such a fun and fabulous car-friendly game!!! I love it and I bet kids of all ages will, too.

  2. This is AWESOME!!! I loveeeeeeee it!!!!!!!!!!

  3. How fun! Thank you for your comments on my painting!


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