Pearlescent Elegant Birthday Card

My dear friend Angela celebrated a milestone birthday recently and I was in charge of making the card for the joint gift that the Scout moms gave. Her party was an elegant affair with lots of sparkle and all the guests in black and white. I wanted the card to have the same style.

While I am really happy with how the card looked in real life, it was incredibly difficult to photograph. This was the best I could do. It doesn't capture any of the sparkle and shimmer.

Scanning it was no better. The dimensional elements look flat and the pearlescent cardstock looks blah. You'll have to trust me when I say the card actually had quite a bit of dimension, shimmer, and shine.

Anyone out there have tips for capturing sparkle, shimmer, and shine in photographs? 

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  1. That is always hard to photograph! I always just do close ups! LOL!! I loveeeeeeeee this and I am sure she appreciated it!!!!!!!!!

  2. For getting good pictures of cards, I'm a huge fan of the Shotbox. It's a collapsible plastic box with built-in LEDs, with holes in the top for top-down shots (like scrapbook pages), and an attachment for taking pictures from the side. I've had good success getting pictures of scrapbook pages with it, and excellent success with cards and other 3D projects.


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