12 Things You Can Do with Coloring Book Pages

If you or your kids got into the coloring book craze, chances are you have a lot of completed pages still in the book rather than out on display. Here are twelve fun ways you can show off your coloring!


12 Things to Make with Coloring Book Pages

1. Faux Stained Glass

It's ridiculously easy and the effect is so cool. The secret is something you'll find in the kitchen!

2. Pencil Holder

Wrap an empty box or can with a completed coloring page and you have a handy organizer that is as functional as it is fashionable!

3. Place Cards

Do a little bit of fussy cutting and turn your coloring pages into a set of themed place cards. You could even leave them uncolored for the guests to color before the meal!

4. Wrapping Paper

Use blank coloring pages to wrap a gift! Add pens or colored pencils on top to make the gift extra fun. Of course, you could also use completed coloring pages as gift wrap.

5. Greeting Cards

Turn completed coloring pages into pretty greeting cards, suitable for a variety of occasions. You can get 4+ cards from a single coloring page.

6. Jar Toppers

Top homemade jam with hand-colored art for a gift that anyone would love to receive!

7. Napkin Rings

Making napkin rings from coloring pages couldn't be easier! Make sets for holidays, seasons, or everyday use. The colored images add so much beauty to the table.

8. Decorated Gift Bags

Coloring pages turn a plain bag into a totally unique gift bag that looks great! Anything goes!

9. Egg Cups

Decorate the Easter table with bunny egg cups holding colored eggs. Or use more evergreen designs for the breakfast table year-round.

10. Labels for Food Gifts

Turn images from coloring books into labels for food gifts or other treats. There are a lot of ways to do this - be creative!


Turn a single coloring page into 5+ pretty bookmarks. Keep one for yourself and give the others as gifts!

12. Gift Boxes

Add a coloring page to a gift box with a window for a quick, easy, and beautiful way to give a gift.

How do you use your completed coloring pages? If you haven't used them before, are you inspired to get those coloring pages out of the books? I'd love to see what you've made!


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